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The BURDICK® Vision™ Holter Analysis System Our accurate and easy-to-use system for routine Holter analysis Primary Users Physician practices and cardiologists Burdick Vision 5LR Digital Holter Recorder Primary Benefits Ease of use. QuickStep wizard provides a practical guide at every step of the analysis. Accuracy. Studies using AHA and MIT standardized databases prove Vision Premier software is 99.95% accurate. Burdick Vision 5L Digital Holter Recorder Confidence. With more than fifty years developing cardiac diagnostic tools, Cardiac Science has the experience required for dependable results. Connectivity. Opt for industrystandard HL7 to enable communication between Vision Premier and various information systems including the suite of HeartCentrix® data management solutions from Cardiac Science. Customizable. You can expand Vision as needed – add optional heart rate variability, pacemaker analysis, research mode, or remote mode software. For practices performing routine Holter monitoring, the Burdick Vision™ Holter System from Cardiac Science™ provides a practical, no-nonsense diagnostic tool ideal for today’s tightly managed health care environment. This highly accurate and easy-to-use system is available in a variety of configurations at a price even small practices can afford. Get results quickly and easily Reports with the information you need to make a clinical diagnosis are available in just minutes. ++ Color-coded abnormalities help even novice users identify potential problems. ++ Easy-to-follow format with simple icons and menu driven operation speeds usage. ++ Minimal startup time and staff training means the system will be up and running quickly. A powerful tool that’s affordable too Vision software delivers full functionality at an affordable price. ++ A variety of configurations, including those with and without computers and printers, lets you choose a system that fits your needs and budget. ++ Simple operation reduces time and money spent training technicians and increases staff efficiency. ++ Powerful and flexible Windows® program leaves plenty of room on your computer for other programs. Proven accuracy for dependable results Cardiac Science products have a long-standing reputation for accurate, efficient, and dependable performance. ++ System algorithms automatically identify abnormalities and compile them into easy-to-read reports. ++ On-screen ECG verification during patient hook-up ensures signal quality before the patient leaves, saving time and improving patient convenience. ++ Studies using AHA and MIT standardized databases prove Vision Premier software is 99.95% accurate.

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Choose among these system options to expand functionality A variety of optional software tools provide additional capabilities to meet specific needs. Heart rate variability software HRV analyzes regulation of the sinoatrial node, the natural pacemaker of the heart. It measures the balance between sympathetic and vagus nerve activity, providing an indirect measure of heart health. Burdick Vision Holter performs data trending in both time and frequency domains allowing the flexibility required to care for a variety of patients. Pacemaker analysis software Use the pacemaker analysis option to...

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Arms you with rich details for your analysis Vision Holter analysis software includes a variety of tools, enabling providers the flexibility they need for diagnosing patients. ++ On-screen displays allow for review or editing either globally or by individual episodes. ++ Selection of ECG morphologies includes normal, ventricular, paced, and artifact. ++ Arrhythmias presented in a 7-second diagnostic strip – complete with classification, time of occurrence, heart rate, and beat annotations. ++ On-screen full disclosure review has color-coded normal and ventricular beats. ++ Patient diary...

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The BURDICK® Vision™ Holter Analysis System TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ORDERING INFORMATION computer requirements operating system Processor Memory Hard drive Free hard drive space Archive Device DISPLAY keyboard and mouse printer USB Port Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit versions) Intel 2.0 GHz or better 512 MB RAM or greater 80 GB or greater • 12 MB for the Vision Series application • 8 MB for electronic manuals (optional) • 250 MB for instructional AVIs (optional) CDRW Drive 17 in (432 mm) or larger SVGA monitor and display adapter supporting 1024 x 768...

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