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The Powerheart AED G3 Trainer plays a key role in your successful AED program Users • AED/CPR instructors • Designated workplace responders • EMS responders • Anyone who wants to learn how to help a sudden cardiac arrest victim Primary Benefits Practice. The device gives students a realistic way to prepare for a real-life situation. Ease of use. Clear, instructive voice prompts guide students through a simulated rescue, and the built-in metronome sets the proper chest compression pace. Flexibility. The device provides four pre-programmed rescue scenarios and simulates shockable and non-shockable rhythm situations. Purchasing AEDs gets you most of the way to rescue readiness. But experiencing a simulated hands-on rescue situation is the best way to prepare for a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. The Powerheart AED G3 Trainer helps you prepare. It simulates different rescue situations and gives students valuable, realistic practice. + The wireless remote control allows instructors to spontaneously vary the rescue conditions while students respond to make things more realistic. + The device can be paused in mid-scenario to allow instructors to emphasize an important point; then, it picks up the simulation where it left off. + The device mimics both automatic and semi-automatic AED operation. + The device allows students to practice with adult or pediatric Powerheart AED G3 Trainer reusable training pads. The Trainer provides an easy way to stay in practice The G3 Trainer helps you meet training requirements set by various Federal, state, and/or international regulations. The advantage of having your own trainer is you’ll be able to practice rescue readiness whenever you like — perhaps when a new employee or colleague joins your team. Trust us, if you ever face a real-life sudden cardiac arrest, you’ll be glad you trained with the G3 Trainer. Note these important G3 Trainer accessories 9035-005 Adult reusable training pads 9725-001 Pediatric reusable training pads

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