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The QUINTON® Q-STRESS® The gold standard in cardiac stress testing systems Primary Users Hospitals, cardiology clinics, and physician practices Primary Benefits Ease of use. The system’s Microsoft® platforms (Windows® 7, Vista®, or XP®), left-to-right flow, and intuitive controls guide users through the procedure. Connectivity. Q-Stress connects with virtually everything needed for enhanced workflow. It’s compatible with HL7, DICOM, XML, and PDF protocols, your PACS/ HIS/EMR, email, printer, network storage, nuclear camera, and echo system. Customizable. You decide how you want your patient data presented. Create custom reports based on physician’s preference. Accuracy. Tracings are accurate and clear, with clean waveforms even at high speeds and steep grades. Instant replay. The Freeze Frame option allows you to “rewind” and view any section of any lead during the test. Full disclosure. With the full disclosure option, you can save the entire test as a PDF and store it to your electronic records repository. Easy analysis. Built-in analysis tools allow modifications for new patient data or for physiologic changes – resting data remains constant for comparison. Easy reporting. QuikLists enable fast, efficient preparation of your reports. MTWA option. Q-Stress 4.5 now with MTWA from Cambridge Heart allows you to assess your patient’s risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. From the inventors of the modern cardiac stress test Q-Stress, now in its ninth generation, is designed to provide superior clinical data while meeting your procedural needs. ++ Start by importing your patients’ demographics. It will streamline your work, eliminate unnecessary keying, and minimize documentation errors and mishandled billing. ++ Run our proprietary algorithm, baseline wander, and motion artifact filters for better ECG tracings with less noise. ++ Display 3-, 6-, or 12-leads of data and easily view, print, save, or email in-tests or final reports. ++ Be confident knowing the system indicates you to significant ECG changes – it updates analyses and displays anomalies, including ST anomalies and ectopic beats. ++ Append significant data to the final report or export the complete full disclosure to your hospital information (HIS) or electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Configured with our TM55 or TM65 treadmill, you’ll be fully equipped for top performance. Our medical treadmills have been the industry’s gold standard for more than three decades and are among the best selling in the world. Q-Stress Connectivity Interface streamlines your workflow Robust network connectivity improves your workflow by using industry standard HL7, DICOM, XML, or PDF protocols – that saves time! ++ Using the HL7 or DICOM option, download patients’ demographics from the HIS/EMR. ++ Combine stress data with other systems that use non-proprietary formats, including your nuclear camera and echo system. ++ Share final reports, access shared printers, and archive information to your HIS/EMR. ++ Electronically capture and transmit charges to facilitate billing.

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The QUINTON® Q-STRESS® TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OPERATING SYSTEM POWER REQUIREMENTS PROTOCOLS Standard Custom PATIENT MODULE ECG Capability Gain Lead Groups Display Performance Standard DISPLAY AND ANALYSIS FILTERS ECG COMPUTATIONS Heart Rate ST Parameters Reference Point QRS Detection Beat Detection REPORTS In-Test Final Custom OUTPUTS Windows XP / Vista Ultimate / Windows 7 Ultimate 100/120 VAC 50/60 Hz 2.5 A nominal; 200/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.3 A nominal Bruce, Modified Bruce, Modified Balke, Naughton, USAF/ SAM 2.0, USAF/SAM 3.3, Ramped-low, Rampedmedium, Ramped high, Åstrand (ergometer),...

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