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Quinton® 9500 Series Cardiac Stress Systems A better solution for today’s stress lab

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The innovative, purpose-built stress solution for today’s physicians – The Quinton 9500 Series Cardiac Science, the company behind the trusted Quinton brand, now offers an easy-to-use, customizable, and expandable solution that’s streamlined for cardiac stress testing. The Quinton 9500 Series cardiac stress systems were designed specifically with hospitals, cardiology practices, and high-volume stress labs in mind. Consider how these advanced product attributes will simplify your workflow: + A revolutionary design to make the most of your limited space. A small footprint and fully...

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The optimal design for high-volume stress labs. View instantaneous stress tracing through the seethrough glass top. The easy-to-read layout has a full display of important patient and test data. Choose the optional touch screen for easiest navigation. Wireless data acquisition makes everything easier. Choose the Bluetooth® option for safety, comfort, and confidence for your patients and staff. The 9550 is a rollable cart you can move from room to room. It features generous cabinet space ideal for storing electrodes, paper, prep kits, and other supplies you need for a busy stress lab. Create...

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Quinton 9500 Series – advanced networking for today’s hospital or cardiology practice 1 1 1 2 1 Stress lab/stress floor. Review tests at your desk Wherever there are stress systems and acquisition modules, clinicians can perform a stress test without a patient cable. The same is true for ECG tests. And the shared database eliminates the need to re-enter patient data for subsequent tests. 2 Cardiologist reads. You can read, edit, confirm, and save full, completed patient tests from your desk 30 seconds after the test is complete. Even better: + Open multiple previous stress tests and compare...

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Why the asterisk? * 4* The Quinton 9500 Series has a first-of-its-kind feature. For a little extra, add CareCenter MD Online for live consultations. You can log on, watch, and comment on multiple stress tests via instant messaging – as they happen. Referring physician sends a full test – not just a PDF 4 Physician seeks a consult. When primary care physicians who have CareCenter MD need a consult for a high-risk patient, they can email the full, encrypted test. You can then over-read it with full disclosure, measurement tools, annotation, and confirmation. Advanced networking capabilities...

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Finally, a stress system that’s simple and sophisticated + Full disclosure in all 12 leads: Capture and review every beat for a confident clinical evaluation. + FreezeFrame: View an “instant replay” of the recording back to the beginning and select strips for analysis. + Re-analysis: Review and modify the post-test iso-electric line and J point if necessary. + Resting and Rhythm 12-lead: Perform standard resting 12-lead with interpretation or continuous 12-lead rhythm with selectable strips and independent interp. Simple navigation: Onebutton navigation speeds you through each test. This...

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Arrhythmia mini-strip: Stores all arrhythmias and keeps the most recent visible. Average Beat ST Analysis: Selectable lead views of averaged ST changes superimposed over the resting baseline. Reanalyze by selecting: • J point + 60ms • J point + 80ms • Rate adaptive J point Enhanced trend graph: Drag the blue progress bar to scroll through the entire test with dynamic synchronization of averaged beat ST analysis.

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When your Quinton 9500 or 9550 is under warranty or service contract, you can expect: + Comprehensive telephone support. Get expert technical + Web-based training. Swiftly train new system users for and clinical support when you need it. optimal efficiency. One Web-based clinical training session included with purchase. + Dynamic remote access support.* Maximize your up time with well-maintained equipment. + Remote installation and configuration check.* Concentrate on patient care while we make sure everything is set up properly. + A custom configuration session. Configure screens the way...

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