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Accessories Brochure

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Available in yellow or blue and made of plastic, CardioMed tubing clamps are appreciated for their durability and cost effectiveness Cannula clamp Fabricated from high grade stainless steel, this "Bulldog" cannula clamp provides consistent clamping pressure, time after time Recirculating connector Made of sturdy plastic, with an attached dust cover, this connector can be used for priming or recirculation Constructed of durable plastic and metal components, this clamp adjusts to fit the vast majority of patients, generating 1-1.5 lbs of pressure Life-sustaining solutions

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Clinical accessories ORDERING INFORMATION ITEM Tube occluding forcep (specify colour in blue or yellow) One hundred (100) per bag CMS Cannula clamp Six (6) per bag CMS Recirculating connector One hundred (100) per box Fistula clamp Ten (10) per bag Fistula clamp cover – “Ultra grip” Twenty-five (25) per bag Except where otherwise noted, all products are latex-free Item CM-5015 (recirculating connector) is ETO sterilized Unless otherwise indicated, products listed are not sterilized CardioMed Supplies Inc. 199 Saint David Street, Lindsay, ON K9V 5K7 Canada Tel: 705.328.2518 Toll-free:...

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