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NEODRAW The significantly improves arterial line blood sampling from a PAL or UAC catheter to a blood collection device. TM Improvements for the Clinician Ease of Use • • • • • Reduces line setup time Split-septum T-connector is the only in-line device needed for arterial line access Eliminates need for flushing PAL lines Reduces number of line access for blood draw procedure to one Standardizes amount of blood waste for every PAL draw versus open drip method Improves Line Maintenance • • Reduces added bulky components in the bed area used for closed arterial sampling Reduces trouble shooting by elimination of extra in-line components required for closed arterial blood sampling No impact on frequency response or wave form from added in-line components Clinician Safety • • • Minimizes blood exposure during blood sampling procedure The Hummi Micro-Draw device provides needleless access for blood sampling Eliminates open drip method for PAL arterial blood sampling

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Ordering Information Item Improvements for the Neonatal Patient with PAL Line Standardizes the amount of residual blood waste to less than 0.20mL • Maintains closed system access for drawing blood samples • Eliminates open drip method of blood for PAL blood sampling • Eliminates need for flushing PAL line after blood sampling • PAL blood draw procedure done without positive or negative pressure applied to radial artery • Fully disposable after single use • Use only when needed. Eliminates excessive in-line closed blood draw kit costs • Eliminates set-up time required for use of in-line for...

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