Cavex Alginate Mixer II Protocol


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Cavex Alginate Mixer II Protocol - 1

Operating instructions: 1. Measure out the amount of alginate powder and water and place in the mixing cup. Maintaining/cleaning the Cavex Alginate Mixer: 1. Dissolve a little Cavex GreenClean alginate remover in a cup of water. 2. The appliance can be readily cleaned using the stirrer and a tissue moistened ( not wet! ) with Cavex GreenClean solution. 3. Prevent the Cavex Alginate Mixer from becoming dirty. This ensures less residual material gets into the appliance. recommended amount for upper recommended amount for lower jaw 2. Always stir first! This makes cleaning easier and also helps keep the appliance in proper working order. 3. Put on the lid and place the cup in the Cavex Alginate Mixer. 4. Close the Cavex Alginate Mixer and press 5. Remove the alginate from the cup in a single movement and apply it to the tray. CAVEXFOR DENTAL USE ONLY

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