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Amalgam has been a part of the dentist’s armoury of materials for more than a century now, and since 1930 it’s been a part of the basic product assortment of Cavex too. Millions of fillings worldwide prove daily the durability and high quality of Cavex amalgams in the dental practice. For dental use only. Cavex has developed an amalgam for the generations to come. Cavex amalgam has already proved its reliability, practicality and wear-resistance in dental practice for decades. Now, thanks to the new self-activating and reclosable capsule, Cavex amalgams offer optimum safety too -both during and after mixing. Cavex amalgams avoid the corrosion-sensitive gamma-2 phase, which means they can be used to produce lasting restorations with a permanent sheen. Shortly: a safe product for a new future. Cavex Holland BV Fustweg 5 2031 CJ Haarlem The Netherlands

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The new capsule forms part of the R&D programme at Cavex, where amalgam alloys have been produced and perfected for many decades. The new, safe amalgam capsule passes every test with flying These amalgams are gamma-2-free, which means less risk of margin fracture and better resistance to chewing loads. The rapid curing prevents damage by premature loading and colours. Anyone who thinks there’s nothing new to learn about amalgam will be surprised by Cavex’s safe, self-activating capsule. This capsule enables you to make the best also shortens working time. Cavex amalgam meets the most recent...

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The tricks of the trade: the right choice of alloy. Silver, tin, copper and (in many cases) zinc form the foundation of almost all amalgam alloys. Tin reacts with silver to form the γ-phase (Ag3Sn), and that lays the solid basis for the amalgam. Copper can partially replace silver, to provide excellent workability. It’s all a question of getting the metals in the right proportion, which is where great progress has been made in recent times. In a modern amalgam alloy the copper content is considerably increased, up to a level at which the formation of the corrosionsensitive and mechanically...

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• safe, self-activating reclosable capsule • gamma-2-free in all cases • corrosion-resistant and mechanically stable Capsules. With clear colour-codings. Packed in a crystal-clear, environmentally and user-friendly plastic pot of 50 or 300 capsules. Non Gamma-2 I spill: yellow/white 400 mg alloy / 435 mg mercury Avalloy I spill: blue/white 400 mg alloy / 420 mg mercury • no discoloration II spill: yellow/grey II spill: blue/grey 600 mg alloy / 653 mg mercury 600 mg alloy / 630 mg mercury • meets the most recent ISO and III spill: yellow/black III spill: blue/black 800 mg alloy /...

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