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Cavex laboratory materials are the natural extension of the dental practice and must therefore meet stringent quality requirements. Thanks to Cavex’s close collaboration with dental technicians and prosthetists these materials are also closely matched to the specific requirements of the dental laboratory. Your impression is Creating a prosthetic model is an art. It’s all down to the talent and skills of the dental technician, his or her close collaboration with the dentist and the superior qualities of the modelling wax. For the modelling wax the dental technician accordingly lays down demanding requirements. And Cavex Set Up Modelling Wax really does act like wax in the technician’s hands. m Cavex Holland BV Fustweg 5 2031 CJ Haarlem The Netherlands

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Cavex Holland BV Fustweg 5 2031 CJ Haarlem The Netherlands T +31 23 530 77 00 F +31 23 535 64 82 Predictable behaviour from Cavex Set Up Soft, Regular, Hard and Extra Hard Modelling Wax. for full and The secret of a good modelling wax lies in the recipe. Cavex carefully c ­ ombines paraffins, microwaxes, natural wax and pigments to ensure that the melting points are never too far apart, thus ensuring an even and ­ redictable melting and curing. Because circumstances and personal p p ­ references vary, we offer you a choice of Soft, Regular, Hard and Extra Hard....

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