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Cavex laboratory materials are the natural extension of the dental practice and must therefore meet stringent quality requirements. Thanks to Cavex’s close collaboration with dental technicians and prosthetists these materials are also closely matched to the specific requirements of the dental laboratory. For dental use only. How nature and Cavex provide a stable basis for perfect prostheses. Shellac is one of the natural ingredients of Cavex Dental Baseplates and Cavex Individual Trays. The modern Cavex technology makes it possible to reshape a two-dimensional plate into an extremely stable 3D object. Simply through the application of heat and cooling down. For you it’s the most reliable basis for perfectly-fitting prostheses. Cavex Holland BV P.O. Box 852 2003 RW Haarlem The Netherlands

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Cavex Holland BV Harmenjansweg 19 P.O. Box 852 2003 RW Haarlem The Netherlands Cavex Dental Baseplates perfected: Mica-free. The pink plate, standard thickness 1.4 mm, can easily be shaped to the rapid processing time gypsum model after brief heat penetration in the flame, and is easy to cut. After curing it will assume its final form, which will not spring back. Mouth temperature no longer has any effect. A stable basis for the wax/bite wafer. dimensionally stable The latest product development - Mica-free - means a further improvement in the performance of Cavex Dental Baseplates. The...

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