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) Chattanooga 3D ActiveTrac™ Fit the table to the patient.

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Fit the table to the patient. Swivel mount display Extra soft face slot Removeable cervical traction mechanism with patented wedges Touch-screen controls Patient switch Elevation/3D hand control 3D ActiveTrac® is available in the colors listed below. 8025 Imperial Blue Easy-roll locking casters Self-contained traction source NOTE: This color chart is produced within the limitations of lithographic color printing and is intended as a general guide only. 3D ActiveTrac adjusts in three dimensions: flexion/extension, lateral b

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The 3D ActiveTrac  is a table for back and neck pain treatment that adjusts to fit a wide variety of patients. ® “Squeeze-and-release” lever system Patient is secured and ready to begin treatment. Powered table actively separates to deliver tract

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Lumbar Traction The table easily adjusts in three dimensions - flexion/extension, rotation and side bending for treatment in various positions. And instead of an external power source attached to the patient via ropes and pulleys, the table itself actively separates to provide individual cervical and lumbar traction, creating the experience of comfortable treatment in the exact position your patient needs. With traditional tables, your patients must lie flat on the treatment surface or try to get comfortable using pillows, wedges or stools. Many acute patients cannot tolerate the flat...

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