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0 Chattanooga® Moving Rehabilitation Forward Chattanooga® Continuum™ Switch on Recovery ^Chattanooga* DESIGNED & ASSEMBLED

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Chattanooga® Continuum™ The Chattanooga® Continuum™ is a portable 2 channel stimulator used by therapists in clinics and patients at home to provide electrical stimulation treatments in pain management (TENS) and neuro muscular stimulation (EMS/NMES). Whether looking to strengthen muscles to help prevent injury, or during recovery following trauma or surgery, clinicians and their patients can experience improved results by incorporating Continuum into their treatment.1,2 Along with its portability, the device's optional remote switches make it suitable for functional rehabilitation. And by...

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Kick stand Keep your hands free by deploying the kick stand during treatment. Battery powered Continuum runs on a pair of standard AA batteries. Individually tailorable Continuum has 13 pre-programmed and two custom regimens for NMES and TENS. In addition to being able to control the treatment duration time, the device can modify waveform type (Symmetrical or Asymmetrical), pulse rates and durations (widths), cycling type, off times, channel ramp times, and on time. All of this allows the clinician to customize treatment to help meet the individual needs of each patient. Belt clip The...

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Stimulate power and motion Continuum's™ ability to combine TENS and NMES in a single treatment can help patients to reduce debilitating pain, whilst helping to boost the effectiveness of their exercise. This function makes Continuum a powerful ally during the struggle to return to fitness following injury or surgery. SHOULDER Minimize Pain Rehabilitation therapies after rotator cuff surgery using NMES and TENS, coupled with exercise, help to minimize pain, increase local circulation, and restore flexibility - enhancing recovery.8,9 KNEE Reeducate weakened muscle as a result of disuse...

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Activate Muscles with Continuum™ By incorporating NMES into their rehabilitation program, therapists and patients can experience an aid in improving recovery results. PRE-OPERATIVE Re-educate Muscles to Improve Outcomes Activate Muscle to Restore Muscle Functioning4 Joint disease and injury decreases strength and function and increases joint pain. As these conditions progress they may Early application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation require surgery. Measures of strength, functional ability, (NMES) after surgery maximizes rehabilitation by and pain predict post-surgery outcomes....

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Kit Contents Part number: 2600-KIT Heel/foot switch Chattanooga Continuum is a prescription device. Contact your local Sales Representative for more information or if you want to prescribe the device. 1. Topp R, Swank AM, Quesada PM, Nyland J, Malkani A. The effect of prehabilitation exercise on strength and functioning after total knee arthroplasty. PMR. 2009 Aug;1(8):729-735. 2. Avramidis K, Karachalios T, Popotonasios K, Sacorafas D, Papathanasiades AA, Malizos KN. Does electric stimulation of the vastus medialis muscle influence rehabilitation after total knee replacement? Orthopedics....

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