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Chattanooga Ionto ™ Two channels of user-friendly reliability The dual channel Chattanooga Ionto device delivers constant current no matter the resistance level. By varying the voltage output as resistance changes, the device consistently delivers the programmed dose. The device’s pause feature lets you check the treatment area without restarting the session. Chattanooga Ionto gives you the user-friendly features and reliability you expect. Features • 2-channels to treat 2 sites or deliver 2 medications simultaneously. • Previous dosage can be set as default to maintain frequently used treatment parameters. • Beeping alerts if electrode fault for open current or high impedance, low battery, treatment completion or power left on. • Automatic 30 second current ramp up and down during power on/off keeps patient comfortable. • Constant current provides precise, accurate delivery regardless of skin impedance. • Current can be set in 0.1 mA increments between 0.5 mA and 4 mA. ORDERING INFO To order a Chattanooga Ionto device (including electrodes), please call Carrie Jo Reif 800-588-0607, or fax the order to 952-466-2298 ©2009 Encore Medical, L.P. and Affiliates 7512A 0109 800-588-0607

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