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Moving Rehabilitation Forward A non-opioid treatment for pain relief

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CUBE High Power Laser A non-opioid treatment for pain relief. With the current worsening opioid epidemic, the importance of non-opioid treatment alternatives to help patients with acute and chronic pain has become increasingly important. One such non-opioid alternative is laser therapy, a clinically-proven adjacent therapy modality widely used in clinical practice for managing pain and inflammation. Chattanooga has been offering a range of low level lasers for more than 20 years, and now completes the portfolio with a High Power Laser series: the Chattanooga CUBE. 3 wavelengths, 15 W...

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CUBE High Power Laser - 3

Grab handle aids portability Detachable Distal piece LCD Touchscreen with intuitive user interface Zoom adjustment USB or Wifi for quick export of data history Optical fiber handpiece Base attaches magnetically to trolley Standard Accessories Distal Piece (MP513-USA) Zoom Plus Optical (MP554-USA Plus Only) Dark Operator and Patient Goggles (MP503-USA) Operator and Patient Goggles (PF002P-USA) Optical Fiber Handpiece (MP443-USA) Optional Accessories ENT acupuncture handpiece (MP041P-USA) Optical Plus, 40mm (MP475-USA) Child Patient Goggles (MP478-USA) Wireless Foot Pedal, CUBE 4 (PF067-USA)...

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CUBE High Power Laser - 4

Chattanooga CUBE: Therapeutic Effects Laser light & Biostimulation Biostimulation is the ability to stimulate and promote tissue growth and repair at the cellular level. The wavelengths of laser light are mainly absorbed by the chromophores, molecules located inside cells able to convert laser light. The products of this process are indispensable substances for the repair, growth and proliferation of cells. Using the appropriate wavelength, the maximum therapeutic effect on the target tissue can be achieved. Depending on the modulation of the wavelength and on the different parameters set,...

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CUBE High Power Laser - 5

Chattanooga CUBE: Dynamic Therapy CUBE technology allows optimal effect through the unique ability to use and modulate several pulse frequencies as well as adapt to influencing factors specific to the patient such as skin color and level of chronicity of injury. We call this Dynamic Therapy. Graphically-intuitive and customizable CUBE therapy CUBE allows adjustment of energy delivered depending on the factors involved, thanks to selected menus that are graphically intuitive. Increased power and the wavelengths available play a crucial role in the success of the laser therapy. Different...

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CUBE High Power Laser - 6

Chattanooga CUBE Ergonomic technology at the heart of your practice Quick Release Technology (QRT) for rapid switching of accessory tips Handpiece with interchangable optics This technology springs from the need to perform Dynamic Therapies on different application fields: from Physiotherapy to dermal-foot therapy, from Stomatology to Oral Pathology. Variable zoom from 1 to 5 cm2 A better performing and more uniform therapy thanks to CUBE Zoom. (CUBE 3 & 4: MP486-USA) (CUBE 4 Plus: MP554-USA) ENT Tips: The optional ENT tip can be attached to the handpiece to allow ear, nose, and throat...

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CUBE High Power Laser - 7

Portable therapy Maximum mobility for ease-of-use Thanks to the CUBE device's compactness and light weight (under 3 lbs), therapists are free to perform treatments wherever they choose. This makes it an ideal tool in the fields of sports medicine, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. CUBE Extend Plus Treating larger areas (optional) CUBE Extend Plus, with a 100 mm diameter is ergonomic and easy to position; it is equipped with special optics that deliver energy uniformly across the entire treatment area and allows hands-free sessions without the risk of overheating. CUBE Extend Plus is...

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Ordering Information Part Number Standard Accessories (included with CUBE 3 & 4, or 4 Plus) %!=>ucy 0 Chattanooga® DJO, LLC | 1430 Decision Street | Vista | CA 92081-8553 | U.S.A. Individual results may vary. Neither DJO Global, Inc, nor any of its subsidiaries dispense medical advice. The contents of this catalog do not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. Rather, please consult your healthcare professional for information on the courses of treatment, if any, which may be appropriate for you.

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