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High Powered Laser Therapy is a highly recommended choice to help with pain-free veterinary treatments Clinical case: Tympanic bulla infiltrate High Power Laser Therapy For Your Pet Patient: 3-year-old, French Bulldog FE, 7kg Condition: Chronic head tilt and unstable on her feet; unstable gait History: Treated with cephalosporin and prednisolone. Had Total Ear Calan Ablation (TECA) with little to no results CT Scans: Showed soft tissue material filling the tympanic bulla not confined to membranous structure. Note: green arrow shows increased density within the semi-circular canals; Fig 1 28APR2011. Moderate para-aural cellulitius and chronic changes in the semi-circular canals. To schedule a consultation, please contact Treatment: 24OCT2011 started Laser therapy. Dark coated, head, odema and congestion setting (600J targeting 2.5J/cm2) and a spot size of only 2cm to reduce the scatter. Week one: three treatments, week two: two treatments, and one treatment in week three. © 2019 DJO - MKT-000-00008606/03-US - Rev A Outcome: After three sessions the clinical signs improved to almost normal. 14NOV2011 CT Scan showed a improvement in the para-aural and tympanic bulla soft tissue infiltrate and no evidence of abcessation; Fig 2 21SEPT2011. Clinical study provided by Dr Mark Lindfield, Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, UK, 2011 DJO, LLC | 1430 Decision Street | Vista | CA 92081-855 | U.S.A. www.DJOglobal.com Individual results may vary. Neither DJO, LLC, Inc. nor any of its subsidiaries dispense medical advice. The contents of this catalog do not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. Rather, please consult your healthcare professional for information on the courses of treatment, if any, which may be appropriate for you.

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What is High Power Laser Therapy? Customized to your patient The CUBE Vet High Power Laser (HPL) raises the The CUBE Vet allows for complete customization bar for veterinary treatment options. according to the body zone being treated, type of With HPL you can offer a quiet, non-invasive, safe skin or coat hair of the patient, body weight, and and effective alternative to medicines, such as pills, skin or coat color as well as pain and chronicity injections, and creams that most animals reject. level. It automatically adjusts output treatment High Power Laser Therapy may help in the...

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