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Hot/Cold Therapy & Clinic Supplies 2013

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Hot/Cold Therapy & Clinic Supplies Chattanooga is the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders. For over six decades, Chattanooga has set a benchmark for leadership, reliability and excellence. Our products contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings worldwide. We lead the rehabilitation industry by example, and through continuous innovation, provide real world solutions for clinicians and their patients. As the world’s leading brand in rehabilitation, Chattanooga is sold...

 Open the catalog to page 2 CONTENTS Introduction Hydrocollator Mobile Heating Units Hydrocollator Stationary Heating Units Hydrocollator HotPacs Terry Covers ColPac Chilling Unit ColPac, boo-boo pac, Sport-Pac Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Fluidotherapy Dry Heat Therapy Pedal Exercisers Saunders Total Back Chattanooga Evaluation Devices Baseline Evaluation Devices Sully Shoulder Support Carts & Stools Gels & Lotions Education Manuals Electrodes & Accessories

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Hot/Cold Therapy & Clinic Supplies ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number M2 Mobile - Includes 12 Standard (1006) HotPacs maintain, these high-quality stainless steel units give you a constant supply of temperature-consistent HotPacs. M2 Mobile - Includes 4 Standard (1006), 2 Oversize (1004), and 4 Cervical (1002) HotPacs Our benchmark product is the standard all others can only hope to match. Durable and easy to M2 Mobile - Includes 3 Standard (1006), 3 Oversize (1004), and 3 Cervical (1002) HotPacs HYDROCOLLATOR® MOBILE HEATING UNITs M2 Mobile - Includes 4 Standard (1006), and 4 Oversize (1004)...

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HYDROCOLLATOR® STATIONARY HEATING UNITS ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number E1 Stationary - Includes 4 Standard (1006) HotPacs E1 Stationary - Includes 3 Standard (1006) HotPacs and 1 Cervical (1002) HotPac E1 Stationary - Includes 2 Standard (1006) HotPacs and 2 Cervical (1002) HotPacs E1 Stationary - Includes 2 Oversize (1004), 3 Standard (1006) HotPacs and 1 Cervical (1002) HotPac Extra Shelf for Side Table Rack (not shown) Mini Non-Electric Lotion Warmer Side Table Rack Wall Mounted Towel Rack Dial Thermometer (not shown) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS E-1 Stationary Hydrocollator HYDROCOLLATOR...

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Hot/Cold Therapy & Clinic Supplies ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Hydrocollator HotPac - Moist Heat Hot Pack A 1008 Neck Contour 24” long (61 cm) The first choice for physical therapists, physicians, athletic trainers, and chiropractors for over 60 years. HYDROCOLLATOR® HOTPACS™ FEATURES The Original Hydrocollator® Moist Heat HotPac Chattanooga is the inventor of the original Hydrocollator HotPac and proud to still be producing this all natural product today. The benefits of moist heat therapy over dry heat are well established for pain relief due to arthritis, myofibrosis, back pain,...

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HYDROCOLLATOR® Terry Covers ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Foam-Filled Terry Covers 1102 Foam-Filled Pocket Terry Covers 1108 Hydrocollator HotPac Set in Retail Packaging 1064 FEATURES All-Terry Covers • For high-volume institutional use or therapy at home • Hook and loop closures to prevent unwrapping or slipping • Washable and reusable • One-year warranty Foam-Filled Terry Covers • For home or light clinic use • Polyurethane foam layer between two layers of terry • Available with or without pockets • Washable and reusable • One-year warranty Standard Set in Retail Package includes one...

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Hot/Cold Therapy & Clinic Supplies ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number ColPac Chilling Unit Model C-5 3102 C-5 ColPac Chilling Unit Includes 6 Standard (1500) and 6 Half Size (1506) ColPacs COLPAC® CHILLING UNIT Large capacity and fast chilling time means your patients will never have to wait for a ColPac. The ColPac Chilling Units help you keep pace throughout a busy day. No plumbing required, simply plug into a standard electrical outlet. Side Table Rack See page 4 for Description and image Extra Shelf for Side Table Rack (not shown) ColPac Freezer ColPac Freezer 21 ¼” x 26” x 33½” (53 cm x...

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COLPAC®, BOO-BOO PAC™, FlexiPAC®, SPORT-PAC™ ORDERING INFORMATION Seven different sizes of blue vinyl and four sizes of black polyurethane ensure effective cold therapy for any body area or shape. Part Number Blue Vinyl ColPac Neck Contour 23” long (58 cm) 3” x 11” (8 cm x 28 cm) Eye (Specially shaped to cover closed eyelids) Black Polyurethane ColPac Oversize 12½” x 18½” (32 cm x 47 cm) Standard Size 10” x 13½” (25 cm x 34 cm) Neck Contour 21” long (53 cm) Shipped in a display box containing 12 packs. NOTE: Must be purchased in quantities of 12 each 1534 Royal Blue boo-boo pac (12 per...

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Hot/Cold Therapy & Clinic Supplies ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack 1030 Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack provides intense, moist heat therapy for temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, back pain caused by muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension. Its flannel cover draws moisture from the air and as the pack’s temperature rises, the Theratherm® Digital Moist Heat Pack moisture is released onto the skin, speeding relief to your patients. Its unique, easy-to-use digital control is convenient and safe. Replacement Flannel...

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Fluidotherapy® – dry heat therapy ORDERING INFORMATION Dry Heat Therapy relieves localized pain, increases localized blood circulation, increases range of motion and relieves minor pain and stiffness associated with nonrheumatoid arthritis. Part Number Single Extremity Fluidotherapy FLU110D Double Extremity Fluidotherapy FLU115D Cellex Dry Heat Media 10 lb (4.5 Kg) container TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Single and Double Extremity Fluidotherapy Mains Power: Variable Adjustments: Time, Temperature and Air Speed Pulse Mode: Treatment Time: Operating Temperature: Dependent on air speed selected....

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