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Chattanooga is the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders. For over six decades, Chattanooga has set a benchmark for leadership, reliability and excellence. Our products contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings worldwide. We lead the physiotherapy industry by example and, through continuous innovation, provide real world solutions for clinicians and their patients. As the world’s leading brand in rehabilitation, Chattanooga is sold in over 80 countries worldwide....

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Hydrocollator Mobile Heating Units Hydrocollator Stationary Heating Units 4 Hydrocollator HotPacs ColPac Chilling Unit 7 ColPac, boo-boo pac, Sport-Pac, Nylatex Wraps Fluidotherapy Dry Heat Therapy 10

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ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number HYDROCOLLATOR® MOBILE HEATING UNITS Standard size HotPacs (12x) Standard size HotPacs (24x) Standard size HotPacs (8x) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS M-2 Mobile Hydrocollator Mains Power: Power Consumption: Electrical Safety Class: Safety Tests: M-4 Mobile Hydrocollator Mains Power: Power Consumption: Electrical Safety Class: Safety Tests: FEATURES Hydrocollator Mobile Heating Units These durable stainless steel water tanks house the Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPacs. The units are thermostatically controlled to ensure the ideal therapeutic temperature for HotPacs....

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HYDROCOLLATOR® STATIONARY HEATING UNITS ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Standard size HotPacs (4x) Standard size HotPacs (3x) Neck Contour HotPac (1x) Hydrocollator Accessories Side Table Rack 4010 4230 E-2 E-1 Side Table Rack (not shown) Extra Shelf for Side Table Rack TM-1 Electric Lotion Warmer 4012 TM-1 Electric Lotion Warmer (110 V only) Mini Non-Electric Lotion Warmer 22100 Mini Lotion Warmer Dial Thermometer HYDROCOLLATOR ACCESSORIES Side Table Rack Stainless steel work surface and wire shelves add efficiency to units. Racks available to fit most models (M-4, M-2). Lotion Warmers...

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ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number HYDROCOLLATOR® HOTPACS™ Hydrocollator HotPac - Moist Heat Hot Pack A 1008 FEATURES The Original Hydrocollator HotPac Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPacs are the first choice for physiotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, athletic trainers and kinesiologists for over 60 years. Chattanooga is the inventor of the original Hydrocollator HotPac and proud to still be producing this all natural product today. The benefits of moist heat therapy over dry heat are well established for pain relief due to arthritis, myofibrosis, back pain, muscle strains and spasms....

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Terry Covers ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Hand Contour Terry Cover 28 cm x 36 cm Hand Contour Dual Pocket Terry Cover 58 cm x 36 cm Foam-Filled Terry Covers 1102 Foam-Filled Pocket Terry Covers 1108 Hydrocollator HotPac Sets (Combines HotPac and Foam Filled Terry Cover with retail packaging) 1064 Stainless Steel Carts 4002 FEATURES All-Terry Covers • For high-volume institutional use • Hook and loop closures to prevent unwrapping or slipping Stainless Steel Carts Foam-Filled Terry Covers • For home or clinic use • Polyurethane foam layer between two layers of terry • Available with or...

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ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number COLPAC® CHILLING UNIT ColPac Chilling Unit Model C-5 3102 Standard Size ColPacs (6x) Half Size ColPacs (6x) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mains Power: Electricial Safety Class: Safety Tests: FEATURES ColPac Chilling Unit Large capacity and faster chilling time mean your patients will never have to wait for a ColPac. The ColPac Chilling Unit helps you keep pace throughout a busy day. No plumbing required, simply plug into a standard electrical outlet. All ColPac Chilling Units include: • Closed-cell foam insulation for efficiency • Stainless steel, welded...

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COLPAC®, BOO-BOO PAC™, SPORT-PAC™, NYLATEX® WRAPS ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Blue Vinyl ColPac A 1512 B 1500 Eye (Specially shaped to cover closed eyelids) Black Polyurethane ColPac Oversize 32 cm x 47 cm Standard Size 25 cm x 34 cm Neck Contour 53 cm Long Shipped in a display box containing 12 packs. 1534 Royal Blue boo-boo pac M Nylatex Assortment (1 pack of 9) 1200 Nylatex Assortment One of each size listed below except 6 cm x 61 cm Nylatex Individual (1 pack of 3) 1202 FEATURES The Original ColPac Cold therapy, when applied directly to the affected area, is used to control pain...

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ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Opti-Ice Cold Therapy 39-0494 Opti-Ice Therapy Unit (110 V) Opti-Ice Therapy Unit (220 V) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply: Operating Temperature: 10°- 40° C Weight: Electricial Safety Class: Safety Tests: FEATURES • 8 litre capacity • External console and thermometer to monitor water temperature • Lid can be locked and sealed with handle up or down • Lid liner foam surrounds circumference of inner lid to prevent leaking and keep water cold longer • Fill line is molded inside the cooler for accurate, mistake-proof filling • Internally mounted motor for...

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fluidotherapy® dry heat therapy ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Single Extremity Fluidotherapy FLU110D Double Extremity Fluidotherapy FLU115D Cellex Dry Heat Media 5 kg (10 lb) container TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Single and Double Extremity Fluidotherapy Mains Power: Variable Adjustments: Time, Temperature and Air Speed Pulse Mode: Treatment Time: Operating Temperature: Dependent on air speed selected. 31° 52° C (88° - 125° F) Optimal Performance: FEATURES Fluidotherapy - Dry Heat Therapy The microprocessor controlled Fluidotherapy units utilize a stream of heated air flowing over and...

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