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A new look at a proven modality What is Shortwave Diathermy? Shortwave Diathermy is the clinical application of electromagnetic energy to generate heat deep within body tissues, penetrating deeper than other conventional heating techniques such as hot packs, infrared therapy and heating pads. It’s also more efficient in heating deep muscle tissue than therapeutic ultrasound. Shortwave diathermy’s deep, soothing heat treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. The Intelect SWD100 is cleared for the following indications: • Pain Relief • Reduction of Muscle Spasm • Chronic...

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FEATURES • Touch-and-go treatment via user interface • Full-color LCD screen • Clinical Educational Resources include: - Full-color graphics library of anatomical images and pathologies - Applicator placement images - Diathermy rationale - Diathermy contraindications • Adjustable treatment timer • Automatic resonance tuning • Two output channels • 360° Swivel rotation of touch-screen interface Access Clinical Protocols by selecting the body area to be treated • Robust, multi-jointed, pivoting electrode arm • Patient safety switch • 200 User-defined protocol storage slots • Patient...

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What separates Intelect SWD100 from the competition? The Intelect SWD100 benefits from Chattanooga's long history of producing state-of- the-art rehabilitation devices that are intuitively easy to use. Its full-color touch screen interface, User-Defined Protocol storage slots, Clinical Educational Resources and more combine to provide you with a shortwave diathermy device unlike any other. With Intelect's comprehensive on-board software, you can initiate treatment with a simple two-step start, through guided clinical protocols or with in-depth manual settings. 1. Thermal Dosimetry -Simply...

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Applicators Shortwave diathermy treatments can be applied using either the inductive field or the capacitive field method. Inductive Field Method A coil housed in a drum is placed over the body part where its magnetic field produces high frequency currents for effective deep heating of tissue and muscle with low impedance. Capacitive Field Method The body part is treated within the electromagnetic field of two plate electrodes, which warms superficial and high density tissues such as skin, tendon, ligament, joint capsule and bone more effectively. Capacitive electrodes require optional left...

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