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Intelect Legend Combo Specifications

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Intelect Legend Combo Specifications Stim Output Parameters Parameter Carrier Frequency Beat Frequency Scan Mode Scan Time Sweep Time Duty Cycle Ramp Up / Ramp Down Cycle Time Alternating Time in Seconds Treatment Time High volt Function Mode Electrodes Single, Recipr. Co-Contraction Electrodes, Probes Single Carrier Frequency Pulse Frequency Burst Frequency Phase Duration Interphase Interval Duty Cycle Ramp Up / Ramp Down Cycle Time Output Current Treatment Time

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Intelect Legend Combo Specifications Ultrasound Output Parameters Duty Cycle Pulse Duration Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic Power Temporal Peak/Average Intensity Ratio Timer Accuracy Maximum Beam Non-uniformity Ratio 100% (continuous mode) 50%, 20%, 10% (pulsed mode 5 msec ± 20% (50% duty cycle, pulsed mode) 2 msec ± 20% (20% duty cycle, pulsed mode Variable from 1-20 watts, 10 cm2 crystal Variable from 0.4-10 watts, 5 cm2 crystal Variable from 0.2-4 watts, 2 cm2 crystal ± 20% for any output above 10% of maximum 1 MHz or 3.3 MHz nominal signal that is activated as long as the timer is...

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