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bridging the gap from bed rest to mobility

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The Moveo™ XP, an innovative exercise platform, combines the benefits of traditional tilt table standing with active exercise. This combination allows patients who are incapable of supporting full body weight to participate in graded weightbearing activity at an earlier stage in the rehabilitation process. As medical technologies advance, more patients are surviving critical illnesses and injuries once considered beyond treatment. While this is good news, the extended length of immobilization required for recovery can cause complications that may increase healthcare expenditures and, more...

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Patient and Caregiver Safety Although weight-bearing activities are ideal for the deconditioned patient, the difficulty in mobilizing a bedridden patient is often underestimated. Patient handling tasks such as lifting, transferring and repositioning are typically performed manually and can be both physically taxing for the therapist and psychologically demoralizing for the patient. The Moveo™ XP Mobile Exercise Platform provides a more secure process for patient handling and a safer means to progress through rehabilitation. It can be adjusted to match patients’ capabilities and limitations,...

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Progressive Exercise with Moveo™ XP • • • • • • • Allows for earlier weight-bearing activity in a controlled environment Improves cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal health Significantly decreases the adverse effects of bone demineralization Increases strength in the antigravity muscles of the lower extremity (LE) Allows the therapist to target the muscles most affected by prolonged disuse Provides objective measurement of incremental progress Empowers the patient through renewed strength, increased confidence and improved ambulation Moveo XP Features Technical Specifications...

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DJO, LLC I A DJO Global Company T 800.336.6569 D 760.727.1280 F 800.936.6569 1430 Decision Street I Vista, CA 92081-8553 I U.S.A.

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