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Moving Rehabilitation Forward

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Tr i t o n ® Tr a c t i o n Tr i t o n ® D T S™ TX ® Tr a c t i o n Tr i t o n ® Tr e a t m e n t Ta b l e s A d a p t a ® Tr e a t m e n t Ta b l e s E r g o S t y l e™ H Y L O E r g o S t y l e™ F X E r g o S t y l e™ E S 2 0 0 0 E r g o S t y l e™ Adapta® Massage Moving Moving Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Forward Forward

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Tr i t o n ® Tr a c t i o n Tr i t o n ® D T S™ TX ® Tr a c t i o n Tr i t o n ® Tr e a t m e n t Ta b l e s A d a p t a ® Tr e a t m e n t Ta b l e s E r g o S t y l e™ H Y L O E r g o S t y l e™ F X E r g o S t y l e™ E S 2 0 0 0 E r g o S t y l e™ Adapta® Massage Moving Rehabilitation Forward

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New Innovation for Traction therapy is the proven classic modality for the relief of painful pressure on muscular and skeletal structures. In 1977 Chattanooga Group introduced its first line of clinical traction devices to the physical medicine market and changed how mechanical Suite of clinical resources include detailed color photos for traction setup and belting, an anatomical library, and an easy to read color interface. Technical Specifications M Ordering Information Traction Period: 1-99 Min, 1 Min Increments Hold Period: 0-99 Sec, 1 Second Increments Rest Period: 0-99 Seconds, 1...

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a Classic Therapy Moving Rehabilitation Forward™ traction is delivered. With over 20,000 systems sold to date, we have led the world in traction therapy knowledge, experience and history, and we continue to expand upon our success with functions never seen before. Recommendations from clinical professionals have helped us create traction systems far beyond what was believed possible. Today, Chattanooga Group is the world leader in clinical traction devices, tables and accessories, and continues to lead the way in traction therapy with the introduction of the most advanced traction units...

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Triton® DTSTM Traction System The Finest Traction System Available Today DTS Triton DTS traction system includes the Triton DTS traction unit, TRT550 traction table, Quikwrap belting system and a complete accessory package to make application quick, easy and effective. Included in the New Triton DTS traction unit is the unique Pull Pattern Package delivering, Oscillatory, Gradient, and Progressive Range of Motion Pulls with Continual Speed Variant Progression Mode. Add to that the standard sEMG Initiated Traction feature, and you have a system that rivals all competitors. Our Triton DTS...

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Moving Rehabilitation Forward™ treatment review Patient Data Management System (PDMS) Triton® TRT-400 REF: 2768 A unique optional software program that session notes pain profiles allows the clinician to organize, store, display and print patient traction therapy information from the Triton unit to the PC. This system, that includes software and card reader, uses Patent D513,615 information stored on the patient data cards to create reports that document treatment outcomes. REF: TRT400 • Turret mounted traction unit pedestal • Pivoting traction mount allows for angular pulls. • Four...

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® In 1977 Chattanooga Group introduced the TX line of clinical traction devices to the physical medicine market. Today, Chattanooga Group is the world leader in clinical traction devices, tables and accessories. Innovative features and an easy to use digital touch screen interface make the redesigned TX traction unit a true innovation to this classic therapy. user protocols clinical library Technical Specifications Mains Power: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 75 V Current Consumption: 3.2 Amps Max Weight: 30 lbs (14 kg) Dimensions: 17.5”L x 9.5”W x 17.5”H (45 cm x 24 cm x 45 cm)...

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Moving Rehabilitation Forward™ TX Traction Tables ® Page 21 ADP-400 Traction Table REF: ADP400 • Four sections • Friction free gliding lumbar section • Turret mounted traction pedestal allows for angular pulls. • Head and foot sections incline up to 90°. • Head section lowers to 25°. • 400 lb (181 kg) lifting capacity • Adjustable height range between 21.5” to 41.5” (55 cm to 105 cm) • Standard hand control • Optional foot control • Optional retractable caster • Available in choice of standard, designer or Rhino Hyde® colors (see page 21). • Traction unit sold separately. Technical...

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TX Traction Tables ® Saunders Cervical Traction TTET-200 Traction Table ADE IN Page 21 M Traction unit sold separately. Technical Specifications Mains Power: 120 V, 50 Hz Current Consumption: 1.6 A Power Input: 200W Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg) Dimensions: 77”L x 28”W x 38”H (196 cm x 71 cm x 48 to 96 cm) Electrical Safety Class: Class 1, Type B M ADE IN REF: 7040 This unit pulls at the base of the occiput for more effective cervical traction. It adapts easily to all Chattanooga Group traction devices. One size that fits most patients performs horizontal traction. Note: Includes...

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Moving Rehabilitation Forward™ QuikWrap Deluxe Universal Belt System TM TX® Traction Harnesses (A) REF: 1410 • Designed with simplicity and quick setup in mind • Universal fit wrap design with hook and loop closures • Non-slip design allows for evenly distributed anterior/posterior pull force. • Allows you to wrap, set and start treatment in as little as two minutes. TX® Cervical Halter (A) REF: 1403 – Medium (A) REF: 1404 – Large REF: 1405 – Adjustable TX® Universal Cervical Halter (B) REF: 1401 – Universal Cervical Traction Halter (C) TX® Universal Thoracic Restraint (C) REF: 1431 –...

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T R E AT M E N T TA B L E S Triton® TRT-500 Triton® TRT-300 REF: TRT500 • Five (5) fully adjustable sections Head section: 40° to -90° (one finger control) Mid section: 0° to 45° Foot section: 0° to 75° Arm sections: swing away and height adjustable • Full steel frame under all cushions This table is available with optional gull • Steel axles on each moveable section wing casters. • 400 lb (181 kg) lift capacity • Adjustable height range between 17½” to 38” (45 cm to 97 cm) • Choice of hand or foot controls for elevation • Integrated caster system with retractable caster • Available in...

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