The OptiFlex-K1. Enduring Profitability


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The OptiFlex-Ki. Enduring Profitability,

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Guaranteed Durabilty Profitable Flexibility Now you can benefit from the German-engineered design of the OptiFlex-K1 with proven durability worldwide. And it’s backed by the industry leading 2-Year DJO Global Warranty, allowing you the enduring profitability you demand for your CPM business. Manage your CPM device investment more effectively OptiFlex-K1 offers 3 unique hand controllers capable of matching the K1’s performance settings precisely to the specific needs of the patient. This assures that the patient will receive the right therapy treatment, right when they need it. Continuous...

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Test out the OptiFlex-K1 WARRANTY and experience the German-engineered design backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty. DJO, LLC I A DJO Global Company T 800.336.6569 D 760.727.1280 F 800.936.6569 1430 Decision Street I Vista, CA 92081-8553 I U.S.A.

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