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about LASER... Vectra Genisys Laser System Light Source Diodes - All therapeutic light sources available today are generated by a semi-conductor diode. Low Level Laser, SLD and LED light sources generate different types of light. LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy • Collimated light with a small spot size in the invisible near-infrared range of light • Wavelength range of approximately • These devices allow light to penetrate deeper into the body than light from SLD's or LED's and offer greater versatility in the treatment of deep and superficial conditions. SLD's- Super Luminous Diode , • Non-collimated light with a larger spot J size in the visible red or infrared range • SLD's overall depth of penetration is I less than laser diode generated light, I however, it is generally greater than LED's. SLD's are commonly used in the treatment of superficial conditions, j LED's- Light Emitting Diode • Non-collimated light with the largest ' spot size in the visible red range of ligh| • Red LED's wavelength range is • This light reaches only a few millimeters into the body's tissues. It is an option when the condition is very close to the surface. Typical Light Collimation, Wavelength and Power affect depth of penetration and are all important technical criteria for evaluating Laser Light Therapy. The selection of spot size, wavelength and power needs to be based upon the type and depth of conditions being treated. Collimation relates to the spot size or spread of the light source. The more focused the beam, the deeper the light source can penetrate before scattering in the tissues. When comparing the light sources at the same power output, a focused, laser light beam will penetrate further into the target tissue than non- collimated, non-focused light, such as SLD's and LED's. Wavelength also affects the depth of penetration. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration. Infrared light will penetrate deeper than red light. Power is the amount of light energy delivered per unit time. Higher power increases effective depth of penetration and takes less time to deliver the same amount of energy. A high-powered SLD or LED light source, even at longer wavelengths, may not deliver a therapeutic dose to tissues of moderate or deeper depth. Vectra Genisys Laser Therapy Systems 2784 - Vectra Genisys Laser 2758 - Vectra Genisys Laser Module - For use with Vectra Genisys Therapy Systems Vectra Genisys Therapy Systems 2764 - 2 Channel Electrotherapy System 2794K - 2 Channel Electrotherapy System with Cart 2761K - 2 Channel Combination System 2792K - 2 Channel Combination System with Cart Vectra Genisys Laser Applicators 27840 - 850nm Single Diode Laser 100mW 27841 - 850nm Single Diode Laser 200mW 27805 - 820nm Single Diode Laser 300mW Vectra Genisys Laser System Accessories 27525 - Laser Protective Eyewear 27468 - Vectra Genisys Therapy System Carry Bag 27467 - Vectra Genisys Laser Carry Bag 27900K - Laser Interlock Adapter Kit - Module System 27904K - Laser Interlock Adapter Kit - Laser System Vectra Genisys Therapy System Vectra Genisys Laser Protective Eyewear with Case "Leading Laser Light Therapy

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Does Low Level Laser Therapy meet the needs of my patient's condition? Chattanooga Group introduces two new Laser Light systems: Vectra® Genisys Laser Module and Vectra® Genisys Laser System The Vectra Genisys Laser Module is the Features: newest modality module designed to function with the Vectra Genisys Therapy System. It offers the clinician the most comprehensive offering of modalities (6) in one complete therapy system. • Continuous and pulsed operation • Real time feedback of dosage delivered • Clinical indications • User-defined protocols • Choice of 8 interchangeable applicators...

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