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Vectra GENISYS - 2

Laser Therapy: A Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Solution for Pain By increasing localized blood circulation, low level laser therapy (LLLT) allows medical professionals to provide their patients with a non-invasive, drug-free solution for pain relief and tissue regeneration. It is one of the most researched and published modalities in physical rehabilitation. Benefits of Laser Laser therapy has demonstrated a multitude of clinical benefits that include: • Symptomatic relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness • Increased local blood circulation • Muscle relaxation and muscle...

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Vectra GENISYS - 3

Vectra® Genisys Laser Features • Independent control over all parameters • Dosage displayed in choice of joules or joules/cm² • Pulsed and continuous treatment operation (90% and 100%) • Fully variable pulse frequency range of 8Hz – 10000Hz and continuous • Real time dosage delivered feedback • Useful selection of clinical indications • Ten user-defined memory positions for user protocols • Choice of eight interchangeable Laser Diode and Cluster Applicators with wavelengths ranging from 670nm- 950nm and output power ranging from 100mW - 1440mW (dependent upon applicator) • All laser...

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Vectra GENISYS - 4

Evaluating Laser Therapy: Factors Affecting Light Source Penetration Collimation, Wavelength and Power affect depth of penetration and are important criteria for evaluating Laser Therapy. Selecting the right laser applicator needs to be based upon the type and depth of conditions being treated. Collimation relates to the spot size or spread of the light source. The more focused the beam, the deeper the light source penetrates before scattering in the tissues. When comparing the light sources at the same power output, a focused laser light beam penetrates further into the target tissue than...

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Vectra GENISYS - 5

Vectra Genisys Laser Applicators Single Laser Diode • Ideal for knee, wrist and ankle • Available in 100mW, 200mW and 300mW power One of the most comprehensive selections of laser applicators cleared by the FDA. Chattanooga Group’s Vectra Genisys Laser System offers a selection of eight interchangeable laser applicators with a wide array of diode configurations. • Ideal for for neck and shoulder • Four LED’s and five Laser Diodes • Available in 540mW and 1040mW power combinations 13 Diode Cluster • Ideal for thigh, shoulder and back • Seven LED’s, three SLD’s and three Laser Diodes •...

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Vectra GENISYS - 6

Making Laser Mobile Portable Therapy Perfected The versatile Vectra® Genisys Laser is equally adept in the field or training room as it is in the clinic or home care setting. With its lightweight design, batterypowered option and customized carrying bag, therapy is now no longer confined to the clinic. IN THE CLINIC... Therapy System Cart • The Therapy System Cart provides six concealed storage bins to conveniently house your clinical essentials while keeping them close at hand The Cart Adapter allows the unit to attach securely to the therapy cart providing a “laser therapy station” that...

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Vectra GENISYS - 7

Ordering Information Vectra Genisys Laser Therapy System 2784K - Vectra Genisys Laser with options (Choose options when placing order) Vectra Genisys Laser Options Accessory Kits 2914K - Battery Pack and Carrying Bag 2892K - Therapy Cart and Cart Adapter Accessory Kits 27467 - Carry Bag 27478 - Battery Pack 28139 - Cart Adapter 2775ASY - Therapy Cart Vectra Genisys Laser Applicators 27840 - Single Diode Applicator 100mW total power Laser Diode 1 x 850nm 27841 - Single Diode Applicator 200mW total power Laser Diode 1 x 850nm 27805 - Single Diode Applicator 300mW total power Laser Diode 1 x...

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Vectra GENISYS - 8

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