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Moving Rehabilitation Forward Simplified, Powerful Solutions.

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Delivering the Results you Demand Vectra Neo is the new standard in physical agent modalities. Its intelligent design (the result of over 100,000 hours of intensive R&D) is clever in its features, usability and clinical technology. An exceptional patient and therapist experience. Every element of the Vectra Neo has been expertly crafted, allowing the clinician to provide unparalleled utilization of the powerful and thoughtful design, empowering them to provide patients with a comprehensive level of rehabilitation.

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You demand versatility and customization Vectra Neo responds with plug-and-play modules, user-defined menus, and advanced reporting Custom made modality Build the precise combination for your needs. The Vectra Neo has 4 module bays that accommodate the slide-in, plug-in-play module options: Channel 1-2 stim, Channel 1-2 stim/EMG, Channel 3-4 stim, Laser and Ultrasound. Each unit is assembled and shipped specifically according to your customized clinical needs. Customized Menus, Save Customized Treatments Build your custom programs within the interface, save favorite or patient-specific...

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You Demand evidence-based Treatment Options A convenient, intuitive graphic interface promptly guides you to the most effective treatment protocol Clinical Protocol Setup™ Vectra Neo is simple to use and a pleasure to navigate, thanks to the Clinical Protocol Setup (CPS), which leads you through the functions of the device and each therapy. With the power of Vectra Neo, you have a comprehensive reference library providing extensive information on therapy, treatments and pathologies – all at your fingertips. By selecting a patient’s indications, a list of appropriate protocols will appear....

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You Demand Form & Function Smart, innovative and ergonomic design make Neo the high performance choice Graphic User Interface Full-color, 10.4” LCD touchscreen displays Integrated Applicator Cradles commands, data and imagery in sharp, vivid detail, including a gorgeous anatomical library of classic allows you to house an ultrasound anatomy images and lifelike pathology renderings. applicator, laser applicator or both - whatever suits your needs. In addition, these applicator cradles are modular and can be detached Lead Wire Management from the base or switched. The innovative lead wire...

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You Demand Ease of Use Vectra Neo gives you confidence and control over your outcomes with an intuitive interface Precision at Your Finger tips Vectra Neo seamlessly guides both experienced and new operators touchscreen launches the full spectrum of features all from the home through comprehensive menus and treatment parameters with screen, making navigation to treatments, reference sites, patient intuitive software and clear, concise instructions. The easy-to-use history and more quick and simple. Electrode Placement Guide A comprehensive electrode placement guide with detailed...

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You Demand Enhanced Clinical Technology Vectra Neo’s design and detail is the culmination of five years of extensive voice-of-customer, research and development to bring you a pioneer product in the field of rehabilitation Multipatient The Multipatient function gives you the ability to treat more than one* patient at any one time. Unattended Therapy With Neo, you can initiate an electrotherapy session on a patient and allow it to cycle through while attending to other duties in the clinic. Full Selection of Electrotherapy Waveforms *excluding laser

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You Demand Quality & Reliability Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority, Quality and reliability are the foundation of Vectra Neo and what stands behind the Chattanooga promise everyday. Chattanooga Trust comes from working together. As a leading brand that is dedicated to helping therapists deliver effective rehabilitation solutions, that’s exactly what we try to establish. A cornerstone of our development phase is that we work closely with our customers on Voice-of-Customer exercises that ensure product requirements derive from your needs. We track our performance and build on...

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