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What is High Power Laser Therapy? The ideal choice for pain-free veterinary treatments The CUBE Vet High Power Laser (HPL) raises the bar for veterinary treatment options. With HPLyou can offer a quiet, non-invasive, safe and effective alternative to medicines, such as pills, injections, and creams that most animals reject. The Laser probe emits a concentrated beam of light radiation that is transmitted into the body and interacts with the tissue at a cellular level. The light energy, when absorbed by the cells, is transformed into biochemical energy that stimulates cell metabolism and local blood circulation. This is called "photo-biostimulation". Our CUBE Vet range of HPL devices boasts increased power, helping to achieve greater photonic delivery, shortening treatment times, generating a photochemical and photothermal effect, thus improving the healing of tissues. Laser Therapy treatments can reduce inflammation and the CUBE'S multiple wavelengths allow for optimal absorption to stimulate rapid tissue repair. Decrease pain from Osteoarthritis Treatment of oral and dental diseases Temporary increase of blood flow to surrounding tissues Promote oxygen and energy supply to the cells; production of ATP Neurological injuries Stimulate healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles Stimulate wound and scar healing Promote cartilage regeneration and bone healing Biological Effects of Laser Therapy © DJO 2018 - MICT-0 00 - 00 0 07415-US REV A • Anti-inflammatory effect • Antibacterial and antiviral • Analgesic effect - laser light converting into heat • Improved vascular activity • Improvement of nerve function • Metabolic activity increase ^ Chattanooga* • Regenerative effect Moving Rehabilitation Forward • Improvement of wounds of soft tissues www.chattgroup.com

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