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Diagnostics - 1

CHINESPORT GENERAL CATALOGUE - EDITION 2013 329 GPS 400 Global Postural Analysis System 332 Technical Description of Single Modular Elements 334 Photo Postural Analysis 336 Software GPS 5.0 - Part I 338 Software GPS 5.0 - Part II 340 Lux Postural Platform 341 Videos & Manuals 342 Other Diagnostic Tools 346 Diagnostic Tests 347 X-ray Viewers and Lamps 348 Scales

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Diagnostics - 2

GPS 400 Global Postural Analysis System 01762 GPS 400 This is a global postural analysis system consisting of various units and a software to enable image acquisition by measuring various body areas, plus a series of details on weight distribution, center of mass and stability for the individual being tested. The basic units are: • Lux Postural Analyzer code 01085 • Podata™ code 01599 • Podostabil 2 code 01767 • Desk Top code 01800 Bilaminate desk top with a plexiglas column for positioning the webcam and a kit for connecting the units. For further information, please see the descriptions...

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Diagnostics - 3

GPS 400 Global Postural Analysis System IMPORTANT WARNING: installation must be carried out only by people authorised or trained by Chinesport Spa. Furthermore, a computer that meets the necessary minimum requirements can be supplied with the software pre-installed (optional item, code 01799). Computer with GPS 400 software preinstalled. Windows operating system, English language, with requirements and performance features suitable to support software functions. 17 inch screen. We recommend not to install other softwares on the computer. Electronic helmet that makes it possible to gather...

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Diagnostics - 4

Technical Description of Single Modular Elements It is a device typically used for analysing posture in the frontal, posterior and lateral planes. The device consists of a bilaminate platform, two aluminium side bars, measuring indicators and sliders with strings for postural reference (Barré’s vertical evaluation), and an adjustable mirror on top. The device can be ordered separately. Bars can be extended for accommodating people taller than 190cm by applying the accessory “clamps” code 01777. Dimensions 80 x 72 x 225 h cm Capacity 135 kg Innovative, patent pending device for stabilometric...

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Diagnostics - 5

Technical Description of Single Modular Elements This item allows a patient to access the “Podata™” stabilometric platform – code 01599 – or the “Lux Podoscope” – code 01086 – and stand on either of the units in total safety. The device can be ordered separately. It consists of a bilaminate base, aluminium side bars and wooden handrail. Dimensions 71 x 128 x 126 h cm Capacity 135 kg Desk Top is a bilaminate desk with a plexiglas column for positioning the webcams (not included in the supply). Dimensions 71 x 50 x 130 h cm

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Diagnostics - 6

Photo Postural Analysis 01759 GPS 100 Posture analysis system made up of a number of units and a software for acquisition and handling of images of different body segments and of the foot pressure, by means of two webcams. (See Software – Part One). It consists of “Podostabil” – code 01767, “Lux Podoscope” – code 01086 and “Lux Postural Analyzer” – code 01085. It does not allow collection of data for a stabilometric assessment, but this function can be integrated later when purchasing a stabilometric platform. In addition, a bilaminate desk with a plexiglas column for positioning the camera...

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Diagnostics - 7

Photo Postural Analysis 01086 LUX PODOSCOPE It is a typical device for analysing the foot type (normal / cavus / flat) of the subject being examined. It consists of a lacquered wood frame, a crystal surface and a mirror below. Double side lighting provides a visual image of foot pressure and a representation of load distribution points. “Podostabil 2” - code 01767 can be ordered as an accessory to help patient feel safe while standing on the platform. Dimensions 46 x 55 x 33 H cm Capacity 135 kg I = normal arch; II and III = flat foot I = normal arch; II and III = cavus foot Provides...

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Diagnostics - 8

SOFTWARE GPS 5.0 Part I can be used with the following systems: GPS 400 • GPS 100 • Physical Analyzer • Foot Analyzer. Collecting data and processing imaging Modularity The physical analyzer software is modular, i.e. functions are activated depending on the chosen analysis systems. The software can be upgraded with more functions at a later stage, adding more or different diagnostic units to the posture analysis system in use. The software is set to be operated in a multilingual environment. The user can add a new language if the desired language is not available, by entering a translation...

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Diagnostics - 9

THE GRID AND DATA COMPARISON AT DIFFERENT TIMES At the beginning of the examination it is advisable to record patient entry data (general and clinical data). Then the photo acquisition process can be started (webcam configuration is required prior to this). A photo recorded during examination can be immediately compared with a similar photo collected in previous sessions, to assess whether there have been any improvements in posture after a treatment. Another specific function, which can detect the slightest changes in posture, allows two photos, taken at different times, to be overlapped...

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Diagnostics - 10

SOFTWARE GPS 5.0 Part II can be used with the following systems: GPS 400 and PODATA. “A bridge between Stabilometry and Baropodometry” INTRODUCTION TO STABILOMETRY Stabilometry has introduced measurement in the observation of orthostatic posture control phenomena. This allows providing figures that are useful for setting irrefutable categories as they are confirmed statistically. Thanks to stabilometry it is possible to learn the distribution of a certain number of parameters that characterize the “normal” orthostatic posture behaviour. It is then possible to affirm whether the behaviour of...

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Diagnostics - 11

The central nervous system, through its extero- and proprioceptive receptors, is able to identify the best postural strategies, moment by moment, adapting them to the contingent situation. As regards the upright stance, this efficiency is manifested with the distribution of body weight over both feet. More specifically, when examining a patient’s stability, the software provides interesting data as to: • localisation on the ground of a person’s barycentre projection • the dynamic recording of such projection at the time of observation • the localisation and dynamics of the barycentre of...

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