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Occupational Therapy

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CHINESPORT GENERAL CATALOGUE - EDITION 2013 Occupational Therapy 158 Introduction to Teorema project 159 Main characteristics 162 Structures 170 Work Aids 180 Posture Monitoring Feedback 187 Summary table 188 Other aids 190 Occupational tables

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Teorema Project INTRODUCTION Current trends to be seen in all areas of rehabilitation call for clinical practices to be ever more oriented towards tasks and ecological contexts, for exercise to be ever more meaningful for the patient, simple, and selfevident. This means that an important feature of the rehabilitation process is the introduction of various items used on a day-to-day basis and used by the patient, in order to experience how to grip these properly. The added value of intensive protocols is well known, as is the importance of supervision for repeating the correct gesture. Along...

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Main characteristics THE LIBRARIES A series of work aids is proposed that are used to simulate different activities in daily life. These aids have been grouped into various libraries - “Manipulation Skills”, “Domestic Activities”, “Clothing”, and “Food”. AID LIBRARIES MANIPULATION SKILLS DOMESTIC ACTIVITIES A series of icons is used, along with the presentation of each individual aid, to facilitate which library it belongs to, as well as other specific attributes. The aids are installed in individual anti-bacterial polyethylene modules that are water and UV ray resistant and are easy to...

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Teorema Project - Main characteristics Modularity Modularity comes into its own with the variety of solutions proposed for executing occupational exercises, which can be done in a standing position or seated. Also panels are offered for wall-mounting, which can be configured and are of various types. These panels can be fitted with the most useful aids in each case, chosen from the theme libraries available. Using the same space for the wall panel it is therefore possible to vary the therapeutic exercises the patient is to carry out. Minimal time is required for the therapist to set up the...

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Main characteristics This results from the need to provide the patient with the possibility of making the exercise better suited to their limitations. Once the aid to be worked with has been identified, it can be positioned at the correct height. The possibility of positioning the individual work aid higher up brings gradualness and progression to the exercise, as the patient improves. Also, the same work aid can be used in a horizontal position or inclined between 0° and 90°. See the Summary Table given below.

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Teorema Project - The Structures AR10003 ERGO 100 This is an advanced, configurable panel that can be wall-mounted. The panel is set up to house up to four work modules, which can be chosen freely from the libraries available. The modules chosen with specific aids installed beforehand, can therefore be easily repositioned to allow the same exercise to be done at different heights. No tool is required to reposition an individual module at a different height. The module is inserted by sliding in specific guides, and locked in place using a lever device. This aid was developed to meet the need...

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AR10005 JOINING SET Two ERGO panels that are already configured or can be configured can be put side by side, precisely, using two joining elements made of anti-bacterial polyethylene that is water and UV ray resistant. The joining can be done at any time and the joining elements are supplied with specific hardware. Dimensions: (cm) 85 x 1.5 x 5 h (individual piece)) Weight: 0.95 kg (pair) EXAMPLE 2 - Two configurable “ergo 100” panels joined using the joining set Joining of two ERGO 100 panels (ref. code AR10003) using the joining set (ref. code AR10005). Using two panels in line with one...

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Teorema Project - The Structures AR10006 ERGO TABLE Individual work aids can also be used while seated, by using this specific fold-away, wall-mounted table. This service table blends in with any other vertical structures available, in terms of materials and aesthetic characteristics, and can be combined with one of them. The structure is in painted metal, while the worktop is in anti-bacterial polyethylene that is water and UV ray resistant and easy to sterilise. The worktop is also shaped to make it more ergonomic for cases of use by patients in wheelchairs. When not in use the service...

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AR10007 TILT ERGO This support structure makes it possible to vary the tilt on an individual work aid by 0° to 90°, and can be adjusted to any intermediate position. This makes it possible to extend the opportunities for executing the same exercise in terms of commitment and difficulty. Also, it can used horizontal, with the patient sitting, or vertical with the patient standing up, by fitting the element to a configurable ERGO 100 panel, ref. code AR10003. The structure is in painted metal, while the base is in anti-bacterial polyethylene that is water and UV ray resistant and easy to...

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Teorema Project - The Structures AR10004 ERGO 400 This is an advanced wall-mounted panel, set up for using a single work aid at a time. The module is inserted by sliding in specific guides, and locked in place using a lever device. The aid can now be easily adjusted in height without any tools or repositioning, making variations and progression possible when executing the same exercise. The adjustment system is simple and does not require any force on the part of the therapist. The aid can therefore be adjusted between 54 and 200 cm, at 2.5 cm intervals. The aid attachment also makes it...

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Teorema Project - The Structures AR10001 ERGO 10 SThis is a basic wall mounted panel that is fitted with a library of n° 7 aids to simulate everyday domestic activities. The elements are fixed to the panel. The work aids offered are as listed below: - Window handle - Door handle - Rotating latch - Sliding latch - Switch - Electric plug with adapter - Wall spiral The already fitted panel is supplied with specific hardware. Dimensions: (cm) 39.5 x 9 x 89 h Weight: 5 kg This is a basic wall mounted panel that is fitted with a library of n° 7 aids to simulate everyday dressing activities. The...

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