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CHINESPORT GENERAL CATALOGUE - EDITION 2013 280 Eurotrak - Electronic Traction Unit 282 Betatrac - Therapy and Traction couch 284 Alfatrac - Traction couch 286 Galileo - Spinal Decompression couch 288 TLA - Active Lumbar Traction couch 290 Traction accessories 291 Cervical Traction 292 Back school exercises

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Eurotrak - Electronic Traction Unit 09336 eurotrak - traction unit This equipment can be used to perform lumbar and cervical tractions. Tractions can be applied in a “static”, “dynamic” or “intermittent dynamic” mode. A series of pre-set programs aimed at specific pathologies is available, with the option of storing up to 50 personalized treatments. The display visualizes all the parameters set at a certain time and any parameter value may be modified extremely easily and quickly if required. Throughout their treatment, patients have access to an emergency stop button to stop traction if...

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Eurotrak - Electronic Traction Unit operation mode Static In static mode the unit exerts a steady force, equal to the set value, throughout the treatment. Traction (Phase 1) Increment (Phase 3) Dynamic In dynamic mode there are four phases as shown in the diagram below while the table gives the parameters for each phase. Decrement (Fase 4) Pause (Phase 2) • Traction time; • Traction force • Pause time; • Recovery: percentage of the traction force one wants to be maintained during the pause time • Increment speed: force increment speed, in kg/s, to change from the selected pause value...

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Betatrac - Therapy and Traction couch Code 09336 Eurotrak is not included in the table supply Certificazione richiesta dalla Comunità Europea e riconosciuta a livello Internazionale XW001.W BETATRAC - E (electric height adjustment) Examination, treatment and traction table with four sections, electric height adjustment by foot pedal. Lumbar and cervical tractions can be applied. The table is supplied with an additional removable support frame to be fitted to EUROTRAK traction unit code 09336. The head and leg sections can be easily adjusted via gas strut. The breathing hole plug comes as...

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Betatrac - Therapy and Traction couch Lumbar traction application Cervical traction application Manual treatment applications Technical Specifications Height adjustment Height adjustment Power supply Head/leg section adjustment Casters braking system Safe load Table dimensions 93/42/EEC Class Central by foot pedal Central by foot pedal

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Alfatrac - Traction couch Code 09336 Eurotrak is not included in the table supply Certificazione richiesta dalla Comunità Europea e riconosciuta a livello Internazionale 09324 ALFATRAC (fixed height) Table specifically designed for tractions, with two sections and fixed height. The construction is made from coated metal with high density padding and synthetic leather upholstery. Both lumbar and cervical tractions can be applied. The table is supplied with a specific support frame to be fitted to the EUROTRAK unit code 09336 or other electronic device. The support plate is height-adjustable....

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Alfatrac - Traction couch Head section tilt angle 10° Hole for countersunk head screw Underarm support Chromium plated traction support Strap anchoring support Head support Back tilt adjusting handwheel Screws Support height adjusting handwheel Technical Specifications Head/trunk section Head section lateral tilt EUROTRAC traction unit support Safe load

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Galileo - Spinal Decompression couch Certificazione richiesta dalla Comunità Europea e riconosciuta a livello Internazionale ac0005 STRAP To safely restrain the limbs. LG10001.X galileo Examination and physiotherapy table with four sections and electric height adjustment. The head/trunk section can be reclined independently thanks to the second motor unit - this reduces compression on the spine and stretches the paravertebral muscle and fascia structure. This section can also be detached from the abdominal support area, to help stretch the muscles. No action is needed from the practitioner...

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Galileo - Spinal Decompression couch Examination position Trendelenburg position with optional tibial straps Massage position in a prone position with muscle stretch to help decompression on intervertebral discs An action from four combined therapies: 1) Massotherapy with stress relief from lower limbs • MUSCLE STRETCH • MASSOTHERAPY • TECAR THERAPY • DRUG TRANSPORT 3) Cell regeneration with Tcare device, as the body region is totally free from any bandages during traction 2) Vertebral traction exploiting gravity 4) Transdermal transport of an active ingredient across the tractioned body...

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TLA - Active Lumbar Traction couch The ACTIVE LUMBAR TRACTION (ALT) ORIGINATES FROM THE SWEDISH METHOD OF AUTO-TRACTION, A MECHANICAL TYPE OF TREATMENT FOR LUMBOSCIATIC PAIN DUE TO BENIGN MECHANICAL COMPRESSION CAUSES. Among the mechanical causes we can include radicular syndromes due to protruded or herniated discs – both laterally and centrally located or extruded, single or multiple – as well as the insidious spinal stenosis syndromes, in which lumbosciatic pain is associated with forms of claudication resembling those caused by vascular pathologies. Patients formerly submitted to...

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TLA - Active Lumbar Traction couch Identifying painful positions The therapist will then start to move the table, using a hand control, to determine which positions increase or decrease pain. At this stage, the patient might be requested to lie on his/her side. Treatment will start with the patient lying in the least painful position. Self-traction The patient simply stretches himself/herself fully with his/her arms for 5-6 seconds and then relaxes. Both traction and relaxation must be developed gradually. This is followed by a 10-60 second rest, as required. Table mobilization During rest...

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SET OF BAGS Applied as hanging weights during mechanical tractions. The set includes n. 6 bags with different weights ranging from 0.5 kg to 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 kg. Bags can also be ordered separately (see individual codes). POSTURAL CUSHIONS are made from foamed material with synthetic leather upholstery SET OF CUSHIONS Used for patient positioning during tractions in a prone or supine position. They provide a correct and comfortable posture while performing lumbar or cervical traction. The set includes 1 trapezoid cushion, 1 triangular cushion and 1 semi-cylindrical cushion. Postural...

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