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LASER CUT & LASER GUIDE by The nitrogen generators for laser cutting and inert gas generators for beam guide pressurization

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SELF-GENERATION = FREEDOM AND + RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT The solutions for the self-production of nitrogen Lasercutting technology needs ultrapure nitrogen to have a brilliant and stainless cut, to rapidly remove the molten metal from the cutting zone without reacting with it and additionally requiring a mixture of inert gas to protect laser machine optics, reducing the risks of the intrusion of impurities, significantly extending the lifetime of the optics themselves. Nitrogen, normally supplied from bottles, cylinder packs or cryogenic storage tanks, can now be supplied on-site,...

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LASER CUT & LASER GUIDE Claind nitrogen generators Choosing a Claind generator, means trusting the manufacturer who can guarantee: ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TAILORED TO HIGH PURITIES The CLAIND solution for self-production of nitrogen makes use of Pressure Swing Adsorption technology (PSA), which, through the use of specially selected molecular sieves (CMS), makes it possible to obtain extremely pure nitrogen (up to 99.9995%) at very moderate cost. HIGH PRESSURE NITROGEN OUTLET NITROGEN COMPRESSOR ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEM the LASER CUT and LASER GUIDE are equipped with an advanced control system,...

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LASER CUT the solution for cutting assist gas LASER CUT stands apart from other nitrogen generators because it incorporates a sophisticated system for the production of high purity nitrogen and a powerful compressor capable of reaching working pressures of up to 300 bar, guaranteeing: • the correct nitrogen pressure and flow rate always available at the nozzle, even when cutting thick material • the ability to supply several cutting machines concurrently with no risk of production downtime • the ability to install the generation system in any position in the production department The...

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FEATURES • “controlled” high purity: an on-board oxygen analyzer guarantees purity of the gas produced at any time • complete integrated system: unlike other nitrogen generators, these units do not require bulky and unreliable external compressors • efficiency: the system is extremely efficient, with lower power consumption than any other product on the market • compact size: LASER CUT is the smallest high pressure nitrogen generator in its power class • tested with the leading manufacturers of laser cutting machines • in compliance with EC directives (including PED) SPECIFICATIONS •...

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LASER GUIDE the solution for protection of the beam guide Working hand-in-hand with its technological partners, Claind has developed a specific system to protect the laser optical path. For some time now, many manufacturers have been selling units that require significant supplies of inert gas for pressurization of the beam guide. Claind has therefore specifically created the LASER GUIDE system, which allows high output of that mixture of guaranteed purity and an up to 80% reduction in maintenance requirements for cleaning of optical components. Successfully tested in combination with all...

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FEATURES • Capacity: model 3 for 1-2 laser cutting machines; model 6 for 3-4 laser cutting machines • Delivery pressure: from 4 to 6 bar • Pressure Swing Adsorption technology (PSA): this technology, using CMS, allows to have an inert mixture of Nitrogen and Argon without phthalates, hydrocarbons and CO2, as well as to provide an amount of oxygen and moisture completely suitable to optics and laser path. • Microprocessor controller with alarm system interfaceable with centralized systems • “Fast Purity” patent guarantees consistently high purity in all operating conditions • The generator...

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CL A I N D Via Regina 24 22016 Lenno (CO) Italy Ph. +39 0344 56603 Fax +39 0344 56627 e-mail: website:

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