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N2 PICO - 1

"The modular and long life solution for all process plants"

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N2 PICO - 2

N2 Pico 3 N2Pico 4N2 Pico 5 N2 Pico 6TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES • Excellent efficiency: the air consumption is minimised thanks to the FAST PURITY® system. The enhanced efficiency allows to reach a high level of nitrogen purity • Oxygen analyser and Pressure regulator: are included as standard in all the nitrogen generators. • No buffer: the N2 FLO, PICO & MAXI generators only need one vessel, used both as a buffer and as a consumption nitrogen reservoir • Easy and fast installation: thanks to the electronic control with pre-set programs FEATURES • Safety: the generator can work unattended and...

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N2 PICO - 3

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS NITROGEN OUTLET PRESSURE MOISTURE CONTENT AT OUTLET ELETTRICAL SUPPLY POWER RATING INDEX OF PROTECTION AVERAGE NOISE OPERATING TEMPERATURE DIMENSIONS WEIGHT * The flow capacity refers to inlet air nominal conditions: apply the correction factors reported below. TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOY INLET AIR SPECIFICATIONS pressure of 8,5 bar, CMS temperature of 20 °C. If the inlet air pressure is different, PSA CLAIND • Air pressure : min 6,5 / max 13 bar • Quality: dry, clean, exhalation free. The inlet air must meet the specifications ISO 8573-1, class quality 1.4.1. Given the...

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N2 PICO - 4

Via Regina 24 22016 Tremezzina Loc. Lenno (CO) Italy Tel. +39 0344 56603 Fax +39 0344 56627 Email: info@claind.it Website: www.claind.it

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