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“Trace and Place is a real tipping point for dynamic navigation guidance. It has streamlined and simplified the workflow in both the diagnostic and surgical phases to allow state of the art technology to be an everyday component of my surgical implant practice. I can’t imagine going back!” Dr. George Mandelaris, Periodontist, Chicago, Ill. (pictured) Cover: Dr. James C

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From Virtual to Reality A breakthrough in computer-aided implantology, Navident offers dental surgeons an easy to use, accurate, highly portable and affordable way to plan the desired restoration and implant placement on a virtual patient, then execute the plan on the real patient’s jaw. better surgeon Let Navident help vou become a Do a better job Reduce harm to patient Increase your efficiency Plan the restoration on screen, then optimize the implant positions considering both bone and crowns. Then let Navident guide you to accurately implement your plan in the patient's jaw. Perform...

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... which can be performed in a single appointment Plan Place Plan restorative-driven implant placement on a laptop The restoration and implant placement plan is created using the CT image data, optionally with added intraoral scans or any other surface data (STL files). The plan can be modified at any time, even during surgery. Navident is compatible with any implant size and type available on the market. Register the CBCT scan to the patient by selecting 3-6 landmarks on the screen and tracing around those landmarks in the mouth with a tracer tool. The registration process that formerly...

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Stereoscopic camera and light on a folding arm Laptop with Navident software installed Head tracker “Having used Navident for more than a year we can now offer a more precise and efficient workflow for our patients who desire immediate implant therapy. Stent, scan, plan and place has now gotten even better with Trace and Place. With this technology a guide is no longer necessary, improving efficiency and eliminating potential errors. As a busy practitioner I am always looking for ways to improve my practice workflow and this technology has done just that.” Todd Scheyer, Periodontist,...

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Dynamic Navigation for dentistry has traditionally involved the need for a second CBCT scan done with an artificial fiducial (usually aluminum) fixed to the patient's mouth and present in the scan. Trace Registration (TaP) utilizes the recognizable structures naturally present in the scan: teeth, implants, abutments, bony ridge, and bone screws_as fiducials and saves a great deal of time for the dental team and their patients. Fiducial Registration Trace Registration

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Our powerful and compact system received an upgrade. Now the Navident system is faster, stronger and more flexible. LED Lightbox iril MicronTracker Stereoscopic Camera „ . Stereoscopic Camera Upgraded vertical pole Raised laptop tray Standard cart Pro cart Patented Navident cart assembly J Reinforced cart assembly ft - , •: Upgraded vertical polel Laptop tray MacBook Prol Enhanced industrial design Improved ergonomic design for standing surgeons Faster processing Reinforced cart assembly Signature laptop cover Improved aesthetics in your office Reduced connection time Enhanced safety

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Dynamic over Static “Real-time navigation is a valuable alternative to stereolithographic (static) guided surgery as it offers the clinician some advantages compared to the former technique. Using real-time (dynamic) navigation one can avoid the fabrication of a stereolithographic template resulting in a less expensive treatment. As navigation is considered as a dynamic guided surgery system, changes to the treatment planning (location and size of the implants, number of the implants, flap or flapless...) can be easily made intra-operatively. Also the tactile feeling during the drilling...

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“Navident Trace and Place (TaP) has truly revolutionized dynamic navigation by adding ease of use and eliminating cumbersome surgical stents. It is an unparalleled resource for planning and placement of implants which I have come to rely on to obtain a high level of accuracy at placement every time” Dr. Silvia La Rosa, Periodontist, Tacoma, WA (pictured

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The Dynamic Navigation Society is the educational division of ClaroNav, which organizes courses worldwide. Interested dental clinicians can attend Navident training sessions and hands-on courses. Leading clinicians from around the world have joined the Dynamic Navigation Society (DNS) to be at the forefront of dynamic guided dental surgery. Peer-to-Peer Education is critical to the success of any evolving technology and with our current group of renowned clinicians we feel we are in an excellent position to lead the way. DNS organizes high quality courses all over North America, Europe and...

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“Trace and Place reduces exposure to radiation by eliminating additional scans, completely erases the presurgical aspect of dynamic navigation surgery and expedites the registration process. Dynamic navigation now becomes a much more versatile process with direct implementation into the everyday surgical environment of a dental office. Dr. Alvaro Ordonez, GP, Miami, Fla. (Pictured)

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About ClaroNav Inc. ClaroNav is wholly owned by us, its founders and employees. Our mission is to do good, have fun and make money. Our surgical navigation roots go back to the development of the first commercial CT-based navigation system, the Viewing Wand, which our founders developed while at ISG Technologies (now part of IBM). The Viewing Wand, FDA cleared in 1994, was used to guide neurosurgery. After we left ISG and formed our own company in 2001, we developed and marketed the first vision-based optical tracking system for surgery, the MicronTracker (2003). We then helped other...

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