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MicronTracker - 3

A New Generation of Optical Trackers st 1 Generation: active targets MicronTracker is a family of 3rd generation real-time sub-millimeter optical pose-tracking products. Unlike older generations of trackers, which use infrared lighting, MicronTracker products are fully passive, using available visible light to detect and track objects of interest. The objects are marked using small checkered target regions called Xpoints. MicronTracker cameras connect to the host PC using a standard IEEE-1394 (FireWire) interface. Multiple cameras may be simultaneously activated to create a larger field of...

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MicronTracker - 4

A new level of reliable accuracy Solid Specs MicronTracker’s calibration accuracy of 0.2mm RMS1 is class leading. Its advanced drift compensation algorithms keep it accurate in a wide range of ambient conditions. Internal checks provide alerts in the rare situations where conditions may cause accuracy degradation. Superior pinpointing reliability Competing pose trackers use bright infrared spots to mark target locations. Target centers are pinpointed by computing the intensity centroid of the spot’s image. A smudge or a partial occlusion affects the centroid’s position, leading to a...

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MicronTracker - 5

A new level of usability The smallest, lightest camera MicronTracker is, by far, the smallest, lightest, camera in its class. It fits unobtrusively into cluttered environments where space is scarce. It does not require large supporting arms or tripods, and can even be mounted directly onto the patient holder/table, eliminating the need for a separate reference marker. It is less likely to be accidentally bumped into it during an operation or experiment. MicronTracker is easy to move, store and ship. Easiest to position correctly Positioning the camera at the outset to eliminate the need for...

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MicronTracker - 6

Unlimited number of tools/markers Its superior identification reliability allows MicronTracker to distinguish among markers only slightly different from each other. MicronTracker's unlimited marker templates database allows it to discriminate among hundreds of different instruments. Better yet, the database may be updated at run-time, allowing new marker templates to be added simply by presenting them to the camera and assigning them a name. Highly efficient algorithms and a fast in-memory interface to the application allow MicronTracker to track dozens of markers concurrently at full frame...

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MicronTracker - 7

A new level of affordability MicronTracker costs a fraction of the price of competing systems. Due to its design simplicity and the high content of standard hardware components, MicronTracker’s manufacturing costs are far lower than the more custom optics and electronics used in older generation products. These savings are passed directly to customers. Not only is the tracker itself more affordable, printed/painted markers reduce or eliminate per-use cost, making MicronTrackerbased guidance systems more attractive to its intended market. ClaroNav also offers DuraMarks kits. DuraMarks are...

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MicronTracker - 8

Specification \ Model FOM, spherical section (radius x width x height) Measurement rate Processing time/frame (2.5GHz Intel Q8300, 4 markers) Lag Weight (approx.) Electrical Interface Case dimensions (WxHxD, approx.) Lenses / H°xV° Sensors resolution 1/4" thread tripod mount Operating temperature Warm-up period Warm-up period Template-based correction enabled Max. # of marker templates Max. # of markers concurrently tracked Illumination range Max illumination variation between markers ~10secs practically unlimited 100 50-100,000 Lux (20-400,000Lux in HDR mode) 6:13 (1000:1 in HDR mode) IEC...

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