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Dynamic Navigation Dental Implantation

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Why would a Surgeon choose Navigation? Navident does not replace the surgeon's skills, it enhances them, allowing them access to information about their surgical process that has until now been unavailable. INCREASED PRECISION Implants are placed more accurately than freehand, providing improved safety and esthetics. More accuracy means less bone augmentation and associated costs and challenges. REDUCED ANXIETY When the doctor has more information that he can trust and react to during surgery both he/she and their patient can rest assured that they are doing everything they can to assure a...

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Dental surgery is among the most precise surgeries performed today. While neurosurgery and spinal surgery require operational accuracy for success, dental surgery has an even smaller margin of error for ideal position, depth and angulation of implant placement. Dental surgeons work tirelessly to preserve a single millimeter of bone. A millimeter matters when approaching the mandibular nerve or the lingual artery. Implants placed 2 or 3 millimeters off plan can result in a poor esthetic outcome, a difficult restorative process or worse, failure of the implants all together.

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Without Navident • Take impression • Cast plaster • Prepare scan guide • Scan with CBCT • Drill and place implants 2-3mm off plan • Suture Flaps • Worry about nerve damage, fenestrations, perforations, restoration quality, patient complaints, With Navident • Mold stent • Scan with CBCT • Plan digital crowns and implants • Drill and place implants minimally • Take pride in an excellent surgical result North America Unit 10 1140 Sheppard Ave. West Toronto, Ontario

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