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Simple, Accurate and Affordable ENT Navigation System

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Quick and easy set up NaviENT is designed for convenient routine use. There are no cables to connect, no spherical markers to mount, no head straps to wrap, no field generator to place, and no consumables to order. v J Fast Registration NaviENT uses an innovative registration technology which is accurate, reliable, and fast. The process takes less than a minute to complete. v___J Optical System Optical tracking systems are superior and preferred over EM systems for the following reasons: • Greater accuracy • Better reliability • No interference from metals in the OR/OT • No wire connection...

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Maxillary Seeker Frontal Seeker Registration Pointer Bayonet Pointer Ergonomic Instruments • Pre-calibrated navigation instruments equipped with permanent markers • Universal Tag adaptor clamps easily to any suction tube, debrider or balloon dilation system • Calibrator instrument calibrates the tips of instruments in a few seconds • Verify instrument tip accuracy in the zoom window • Steam sterilizable navigation instruments • Reusable peel & stick patient tracker • No consumables V ________J

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Simple, Elegant and Precise

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Sleek, Compact and Portable

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Streamlined User Interface Load or import the patient scan Intuitively position the Tracking camera, calibrate any new instrument, and verify their tip accuracy Verify the patient info and explore the patient scan Innovative trace based registration is accurate, reliable and fast Mark a few CT landmarks on the 3D patient scan Real-time navigation with a smart zoom feature to magnify navigation anatomy as you approach it

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NaviENT Computer • 15.4 inch LED-backlit display • Intel core i7 quad core processor • 16GB DDR3L RAM • 256GB Solid State Drive • Additional monitor support NaviENT Cart • Foldable and Portable • Lightweight 25kg • Compact size 40 x 45 x 105cm • Omni directional front wheels • 100 - 240V, 1A, 50Hz AC power supply NaviENT Tracking System • Infrared optical tracking system • Live video stream • 16 frames per second • 0.2mm calibration accuracy • Permanent markers • Reusable and sterilizable instruments NaviENT Software • Fast and accurate registration • Video documentation of surgical...

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Training Program On-site training is included in your purchase of NaviENT navigation system. You will be trained until you feel comfortable with operating NaviENT system. On-line Support NaviENT comes with a remote online assistance program. Our technical support staff can log into your NaviENT system to perform diagnostic and troubleshooting operations. Software Update Your NaviENT software will be automatically updated via our online support program. Warranty & Extended Warranty 2 years warranty is included in your purchase of NaviENT system. Extended warranty is available for the system...

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