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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 1

Cranial Navigation System Simple, Accurate and Affordable Leader in Surgical Navigation

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 2

Navient is an innovative image-guided navigation system, utilizing the latest technologies in the field and bringing simplicity, accuracy and affordability to the surgical navigation system. Navient is designed for convenient routine use. There are no cables to connect, no spherical markers to mount, no field generator to place, and no consumables to order. Key Features • Sleek, compact and portable cart • Large touch screen for natural interaction • Powerful and intuitive software features • Biopsy and Tumor resection solutions • Pre-calibrated navigation probes • Fast registration and...

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 3

Ergonomic Instruments • Pre-calibrated neuro navigation probes equipped with permanent markers • Universal adaptor easily clamps to any surgical instrument such as biopsy needle, drill or suction • Calibrator instrument calibrates the tips of instruments in a few seconds • Verify instrument tip accuracy in the zoom window • Steam sterilizable navigation instruments • No consumables v_ Standard Instruments • Articulated arm • Two cranial frames • Cranial probe • Registration probe • Universal tag • Four Universal C-clamps • Sterilization tray V___J Biopsy Instruments • Articulated arm • Dual...

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 4

Sleek, Compact and Portable

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 5

Simple, Elegant and Precise

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 6

Streamlined User Interface 1. Images: Load CT or MRI images from USB, DVD or PACS 2. Image Fusion: Merge CT and MRI images (Optional) 3. Planning: Plan tumor and verify biopsy trajectory 4. Set up: Position the tracker, calibrate new instruments and check their tip accuracy 5. Registration: Landmark based and trace based 6. Navigation: Navigate in 3D & 2D views, biopsy trajectory, tip extension, and 3D probe eye view.

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 7

Tracking system • Infrared optical tracking system • Live video stream • 0.2mm calibration accuracy • Permanent markers • Reusable and sterilizable instruments \____/ Computer & Monitor • 27" Full HD touchscreen monitor • Intel® Core™ i7 quad core processor • 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM • 1TB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD Drive \_) Software • Import Dicom images from DVD, USB and PACS • Fast and accurate image fusion • Automatic detection of fiducials for registration • Anatomical landmark registration • Trace registration • Biopsy trajectory planning and navigation • Virtual tip extension • Axial, coronal,...

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Navient Cranial Navigation System - 8

Support Program Installation & Training Program On-site installation and training is included in your purchase of Navient navigation system. You will be trained until you feel comfortable operating the Navient system Warranty 2 years warranty is included in your purchase of a Navient system. Extended warranty is available for the system lifetime. On-line Support Navient comes with a remote online assistance program. Our technical support staff can log into your Navient system to perform diagnostic and troubleshooting operations. Software Update Your Navient software will be automatically...

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