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Ovulation Test Never hold test with tip pointing upwards Test using first urine after longest sleep Peak Fertility is displayed for 48 hours Advanced Digital For self-testing. Read this leaflet carefully before testing self testing When to test You need to know the length of your cycle to know which day you should start testing. Your cycle length is the total number of days from Day 1 (first day of full bleeding) up to and including the day before your next period starts. 21 or less Cycle length (days): Start testing on cycle day: 41 or more 20 days before you expect your next period If your cycles vary, use the shortest over the last 6. If you don’t know how long your cycle is, wait one cycle and note the length of this. Prepare the test a Take test stick out of foil and remove cap. Cap Choose your testing method Place the absorbent tip: in your urine stream Test stick b Insert test stick into the holder before testing. Line up arrows. Eject button in a collected urine sample c Before doing the test wait for the test ready symbol to appear. ‘test ready’ New cycle symbols will flash briefly the first time you use the test. test See ‘Other symbols’ overleaf. Wait Replace the cap and lay the test flat. Do not eject the test stick. After 5 minutes the display will show your result. Within 1 minute the test ready symbol will flash. Results Low Fertility: small chance of getting pregnant Test again tomorrow. Low Fertility results are displayed for 8 minutes. If you miss seeing your result, eject the test stick and it will appear for another 2 minutes. High Fertility: make love for increased chance of getting pregnant Test again tomorrow. High Fertility is displayed for 8 minutes and will be displayed after each test until Peak Fertility. If you miss seeing your result, eject the test stick and it will appear for another 2 minutes. High Fertility smiley face flashes on the display. Peak Fertility: make love for the best chance of getting pregnant Stop testing. Peak Fertility is displayed constantly for 48 hours. You don't need to test again during this cycle. If you try, the holder will not be able to read the test. Your cycle and hormone pattern is unique. The number of fertile days you see and when you see them each cycle is personal to you so it’s not unusual to see different results each cycle. See ‘Questions & answers’ overleaf. Eject the test stick Throw the test stick away with normal household waste. When you are ready to test again follow the instructions usi

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Symbols Error symbols If something has gone wrong during testing or with the holder a symbol will be displayed within 10 minutes. Re-insert the test stick quickly – it was ejected too soon. Test again with a new test stick. If you have collected urine use this once the display is blank. Otherwise test in your urine stream but drink normally and test again in 4 hours. When testing again remember the following: • The test stick must be inserted into the holder before you test. Check step 2. • Don’t use too much or too little urine. Check step 3. • Keep the test pointing downwards or flat after...

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