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Gamma-Node - 1

Small mobile gamma uclear medicine Oua^use' Laserp° time reduced ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY AND ERGONOMICS CLERAD ^ '"'GY IN THE OPERAT\NG ROOM ■ i ONCOLOGY IN inu.. 73 74 62 40 - email: clera

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Gamma-Node - 2

The Gamma-Node (Nuclear Object DEtector), combined with the Gamma-Sup probe, is necessary for the detection of the Sentinel Lymph Node. The Gamma-Node device is a small automatic scanning camera that wiLL help you to Locate the SentineL Node quickLy and with more accuracy and efficiency. Specifications - ReLevant alternative to Lymphoscintigraphy, thanks to a Laser pointing system - Automatic detection pLan of the Lymphatic Line within 3 minutes - SentineL node detection after injection: examination time reduced to 3 minutes for a fieLd of 20*20cm2 Technical features - Head scanning...

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