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sleepview monitor + web portal ® Home Sleep Test healthcare costs clinical problem remain undiagnosed and untreated 85% of people with congestive heart failure suffer from OSA the average amount of healthcare costs for undiagnosed OSA patients over a 2-year period hst 20% of all serious car crash injuries are associated with driver sleepiness 60 - 80% of obese people have sleep disordered breathing Home sleep testing is approximately 1/4 the cost of a full polysomnography (PSG) in-lab test Expanding the reach of your sleep services today and tomorrow 1.877.CleveMed | 1.877.253.8363 |

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SleepView® Clinically Validated Based on clinical studies conducted in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, regional sleep labs, and primary care offices: Home Sleep Monitor with AASM recommended channel set • CMS compliant • Generates established AHI • Airflow by cannula and thermistor Ergonomically designed for patient to self-administer sleep test • SleepView exceeds AASM guidelines • SleepView scores high on SCOPER Programmable ON/OFF Time Save time with Smart Check, which validates the quality of the recorded sleep study before the SleepView® monitor is returned...

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SleepView® Monitor/ Web Portal has been recognized with a Bronze Award for most innovative Science/Medical product by the 2012 Edison Awards Sleep Device Type Type III Channel Count 8 Dimensions 3" x 2.6" x 0.7" Weight 2 oz. Power 1 AAA battery (powers 1 sleep study) Memory 1 GB internal memory (multiple-night recording) 8 channels Heart rate Pulse oximetry Respiratory airflow (compatible with CPAP) RIP respiratory effort belt Snore Body position Thermal airflow Actigraphy (with web portal) Minimum System Requirements for Desktop Software Option SleepView® Starter Kit Contents: SleepView®...

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