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Clippard is a third-generation family-owned and operated company. We have been proudly manufacturing in the United States of America for more than 75 years. Although many things have changed since our founder Leonard Clippard first began making coils out of his home in 1941, the fundamental principles he instilled in his company have endured. Our motto “Quality People, Quality Products” emphasizes the importance we place on relationships. Putting people over products was important to Leonard and it’s a philosophy that remains deeply embedded in our company culture. This extends not just to...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 3

EV Series, pp. 4-17 ECN, ETN, EVN Valves, p. 18 Intrinsically Safe Valves, p. 19 Manifolds & Connectors, p. 20 Electronic Manifold Cards, p. 21 EM Series, p. 22 ES & ESO Series, pp. 23-26 7& 8 mm Valves, pp. 29-30 DV Series, pp. 32-34 EFB Series, p. 36 10 & 15 mm Valves, pp. 39-44 Maximatic® Valves, pp. 46-51 EVP Series, pp. 54-57 SCPV Series, pp. 60-61 DVP Series, pp. 58-59 Proportional Isolation Valves, p. 62 DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVES 72 Media Isolation Valves, p. 68 Gradient Mixing Valves, p. 69 Pinch Valves, pp. 70-71 Toggle Valves, pp. 78-84 Actuators, pp. 89-92 Stem Valves,...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 4

Electronic Valves EV SERIES • Fast response • Low power consumption • Close mounting—less than 3/4"in diameter p. 22 • Industry standard for leak-free operation • Quiet operation and fast response • Low power consumption • Exceptionally long life pp. 4-21 • Close mounting—less than 1" tall and only 7/8"on center • Compact, geometric design allows for easy mounting pp. 23-26 EFB SERIES • Compact, robust design • Multiple flow and pressure options • Variety of power and connection options p. 36 10 & 15 MM VALVES • 2-Way or 3-Way operation • Variety of circuit features, manifold options and...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 5

• Extremely small dead volume • Low vibration and noise • Fast response time • Low power consumption p. 29 • Extremely small dead volume • Low vibration and noise • Fast response time • Low power consumption p. 30 • Designed to accommodate large flows with more stroke • Fast response time • Low heat rise • Low power consumption pp. 32-34 CUSTOM VALVES CLEANING CAPABILITIES pp. 8-9 flow rates, materials and more SOLENOID VALVE OVERVOLTAGE p. 27 • Complete integrated solutions LEAK DETECTION p. 28 Many items also available with metric ports. For more information, visit...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 6

Medium Clean, dry air (40 micron filter) Pressure Range Vac. to 105 psig Nominal Power 0.67 watts Temperature Range 32 to 180°F Operating Range 90 to 150% of rated voltage Clippard's original EV series valve design is a deceptively simple arrangement featuring a remarkably quiet, low power operation. The Clippard "spider" is the only moving part, and its motion to operate the valve is a mere 0.007" travel. As a result, this valve features an exceptionally long life—proven to last over 1,000,000,000+ cycles. Low voltage DC inputs move the spider, generating extremely fast...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 7

Clippard’s Best-Selling EV Series Electronic Valve Clippard EV series electronic valves are quiet and quick. These valves accept low voltage, low current signals and convert them into high pressure (100 psig) pneumatic outputs. Optional low pressure/medium flow (-L) and low pressure/high flow (-H) are available. Suggested Filtration: 40 micron or better Adjusting ring may be loosened for positioning to orient connections but DO NOT REMOVE (parts orientation will be lost and warranty voided). Manifold mount base shown Permits fast, secure mounting of electronic valves to manifolds for...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 8

STANDARD SERIES 2-Way and 3-Way manifold and in-line mounting. Normally-Closed and fully-ported versions. HIGH FLOW VERSION A higher flow version is also available for 2-Way, Normally-Closed applications. Although manifold mounting is accomplished in the same fashion, the inlet is the annular port, and the outlet becomes the center port, through the convenient stud mount of the valve. Nickel-plated brass fitting Electroless nickel-plated steel housing and core Nitrile seals standard Electroless nickel-plated brass body Stainless steel stud and nozzle (Manifold style valve shown) More...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 9

ORIGINAL EV SERIES MOUSE VALVES OXYGEN CLEAN SERIES Integral fitting All EV, ET, EC and EW series electronic valves with the “O-” part number option are available manufactured and assembled for use in oxygen-enriched environments for applications that are extremely sensitive to contamination. Electroless nickelplated steel housing and core FKM seals Stainless steel nozzle • Valves are ultrasonically cleaned, assembled, inspected and tested in a cleanroom with a state-of-the-art positive pressure HEPA filtration system Electroless nickelplated brass body • Both organic and inorganic...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 10

CLEANING CAPABILITIES It's no surprise that the cleaner your valve is, the less it will leak. However, cleanliness is also important in other ways, such as for medical applications where fluid flowing through the valves may be entering a person's body or for applications in the food and beverage industry. In these cases, the valves must not only be cleaned of any particulate matter, but also of any harmful substances used in the normal machining or assembly process. When cleanliness matters, you can count on Clippard to provide the special cleaning, assembly, and testing processes your...

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Clippard Full-Line Catalog - 11

SPECIAL CLEANING REQUIREMENTS Do you have an application which requires special cleaning for its manufacture, assembly or testing? Clippard is able to provide a wide range of special cleaning, inspection, and testing options for components or assemblies. • Ultrasonic cleaning of component parts • Baking of seals in order to outgas chemicals ELECTRONIC VALVES Call 877-245-6247 today to discuss how we can accommodate your unique needs, including: • Inspection of cleaned parts under ultraviolet light to detect oil or fibers OXYGEN SERVICE • Inspection of cleaned parts under microscopes Due to...

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