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hen the need arises for small, manually-operated valves, the first name to come to mind should be Clippard! The company that pioneered the #10-32 thread maintains an attitude of quality as evidenced in every product we manufacturer and assemble. Clippard has the broadest product offering of any manufacturer of miniature and sub-miniature manual valves. From 2-way, 3-way and 4-way push button valves to miniature pressure regulators to logic elements such as shuttle and check valves, Clippard has the products you need for your application. Clippard valves are economical, reliable and ready for the challenge! Easy to mount Reliable & Dependable! Quiet operation and exceptionally long life! Every product 100% tested! #10-32 & 1/8” NPT available A variety of mounting options are available Over 2,300 different valves available! Low power, fast response 513.521.4261 •

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Quality in Manufacturing Quality remains a primary feature of every product Clippard produces. This is achieved through the excellence in manufacturing practices and craftsmanship that has continued throughout the years. The high standards set by Leonard Clippard, in company relationships with customers, distributors, suppliers and employees continue to be upheld. The company motto, "Quality People, Quality Products", emphasizes the important role every employee plays in maintaining the company's reputation. Clippard's complete line of Minimatic® Control Devices includes over 5,000 standard...

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Modular Valves Versatility is the key when it comes to Clippard’s Minimatic® Modular Valves. Available in an unlimited variety of directional, flow, pressure and special control valves, each is encased in a valve body designed to mount and link together with a simple piping system. The Minimatic Modular Valves are the supreme “Plug and Play” devices for pneumatic applications. Electronic Valves Clippard Minimatic Electronic Valves and Manifolds provide a complete system for efficient interface with electric and electronic circuits. The valves are very quiet in operation and also very cool....

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Control Valves Every air system is unique... and Clippard has the air valve you need. Clippard control valves are available in poppet or spool design; 2-, 3-, or 4-way functions, in sizes from #3-56 and #10-32 through 1/8” NPT ports; and for pressures to 300 psig. They are available with solenoid, air pilot, manual and mechanical actuators. Mounting styles include inline, panel mount, manifold mount or clearance holes for mounting screws. When designing a pneumatic system, choose the proper size for each component. A valve of insufficient capacity may cause an entire system to operate...

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Clippard Minimatic miniature valves and associated products have evolved into a widely used system of fluid power control devices known for quality, value and performance. Clippard brass valves are available in poppet or spool design, 2-, 3- or 4-way function, in sizes #356, #10-32, 1/8” NPT and metric ports. They are available with solenoid, air pilot, manual and mechanical actuators. Mounting styles include inline, panel mount, manifold mount or clearance holes for mounting screws. • • • • Poppet Valves 2-, 3- & 4-Way Toggle Valves Shuttle Valves Check Valves Flow Control Valves Needle...

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Pressure Actuated Switches Clippard air actuated electrical switches enable the easy use of pressure to remotely pilot electrical switches. The pressure actuator has a spring biased piston with a Ucup seal that requires pressure as low as 5 psig to actuate either a sub-miniature or miniature electrical switch. The pressure activated switch may be supplied in four different pressure ranges. To actuate the electric switch, the pressure must meet or exceed the actuation pressure. To deactuate the switch, the pressure must be at or lower than the deactuation pressure. • Simple compact design •...

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Flow Control Valves Clippard’s block flow control valves have a variety of features that offer extra versatility for unique applications. These precision made valves offer high performance, low cost, reliability and ease of installation. Each valve is independent of the other (except the BFC2C), sharing only a common body. This allows separate pressures and/or gases to be used while simplifying mounting. Each needle adjustment is smooth, exact, and includes a locking ring to prevent tampering. The valve body is machined and anodized aluminum; the compound angle needle stems are machined...

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Accessories & Support Products Pressure Sensors Normally on or off Single Stage Pressure Repeater for off-on control of an adjustable reference pressure when a sensed pressure moves above or below the reference pressure level. Pressure Gauges Gauges measure pneumatic system or vacuum pressure. Various models, ranges and mounting options available. Other Accessories Clippard offers a complete array of accessory components such as mounting brackets, mechanical sequencers, actuator arms, air indicators, pressure regulators, legend plates, and more including a large offering of tubing and hose....

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EVP Series Proportional Control Valves Clippard is pleased to add the EVP series proportional control valve to our Electronic Valve product line. This product combines the features of the existing EV series valve—long life, low power, and Clippard’s reputation for high quality components—with the additional capability of proportional control. The EVP series valve provides air or gas flow control, and varies the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. The consistent gain (see graph) of this valve provides a high degree of control for many applications. Valve Type: Medium:...

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The Mouse Valve Series EV, ET, EC Valves Like a mouse, this valve is quiet, quick, eats very little (0.67 watts) and is cute. Valves accept low voltage, low current signals, convert them into high pressure (100 psig) pneumatic outputs. Optional low pressure/medium flow and low pressure/high flow are available. (The air supply should be reasonably clean and dry for optimum performance. Recommended filtration is 40 micron.) Clippard Minimatic electronic valves are precision-built 2-way or 3-way control valves, utilizing a unique, patented, valving principle. There are no sliding parts....

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