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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 1

Quality People – Quality Products Founded in 1941 by W. L. Clippard, Jr., the company started out manufacturing electronic test equipment. In the 1950’s, Mr. Clippard recognized a need for miniature pneumatic devices in manufacturing, and began to produce a small line of component products. The appeal of these products was such that by the late 1960’s, Clippard Instrument Laboratory was strictly a pneumatic manufacturer. The company has continued to have steady growth through the years bolstered by periodic introductions of new and innovative products. These have included such products as the new line of Directional Control Valves Series HV & GV, the Electronic Proportional Valves, and recently the DV-Valve series, the Next “Gen” Valve. Today, the company remains family-owned. Manufacturing facilities are located in Cincinnati and Fairfield, Ohio; as well as a distribution and technical support center in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. Clippard is in its seventh decade of supplying fluid power, motion and process control devices to the Scientific, Medical, Dental, and Analytical markets. We understand the need for precision, reliability and purity in your critical applications and are dedicated to providing expert solutions to meet and exceed your expectations. We ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and performance by 100% testing all products before they reach our customers. In addition to the Scientific market segment, Clippard offers expertise in a wide variety of markets utilizing numerous types of applications. From Semiconductor to Printing, Automotive to Packaging, our products are engineered to the exact specifications you require. Supported by a platform of over 5.000 standard products, as well as customized solutions, we have the capability to provide you with a full range of products designed to meet the unique demands of your application. For a complete description of these products, please visit our website at or Clippard Europe, Belgium Cincinnati, Ohio (headquarters) Fairfield, Ohio

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 2

Contents – Directional Control Valves 1350 Control Valve Selection charts See Pages 05 - 09 M-SMTV/M-SMAV Spool Valves See Pages 10 - 11 M-MAV/M-MAVO Stem Valves See Pages 12 - 15 M-MJV/M-MJVO Stem Valves See Pages 16 - 18 M-TV Toggle Valves See Page 19 M-MTV Toggle Valves See Pages 20 - 21 M-MJTV Toggle Valves See Pages 22 - 23 M-FV Spool Valves See Pages 24 - 26 M-FTV Toggle Valves See Pages 27 - 28

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 3

Contents – Directional Control Valves M-HV/M-HTV Stem & Toggle Valves See Pages 29 - 31 M-GV Poppet Valves See Pages 32 - 34 M-TV Toggle Valves See Pages 35 - 37 M-MPA Air Pilot Valve Actuators See Pages 38 - 42 Valve Mounting Brackets See Page 43 M-PC Captivated Push Buttons See Pages 43 - 51 M-MAR Pressure Regulators See Page 52 - 53 M-MCV Check Valves See Pages 54 - 55

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 4

Contents – Control Valves M-JPC Pilot-Operated Check Valves See Pages 56 - 58 M-MNV Needle Valves See Page 59 - 60 M-GNV Needle Valves See Pages 61 - 62 M-JFC Flow Control Valves See Page 63 M-MSV Shuttle Valves See Pages 64 - 65 M-JEV J-Series Exhaust Valves See Pages 66 - 67 M-PV Miniature Pulse Valves See Page 68 Specialty Components Specialty Components See Pages 69 - 72

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 5

Directional Control Valves - Selection Charts Every air system is unique . . . and Clippard has the air valve you need. Clippard control valves are available in poppet or spool design; 2/2, 3/2, or 5/2 functions, in sizes from M2,5 and M5 through G1/8” ports; and for pressures to 21 bar. They are available with solenoid, air pilot, manual and mechanical actuators. Mounting styles include in-line, panel mount, manifold mount or clearance holes for mounting screws. When designing a pneumatic system, choose the proper size for each component. A valve of insufficient capacity may cause an...

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 7

(*) with 1/16“ ID Hose Barbs Installed

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 8

All valves above are RoHS Compliant

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 9

Directional Control Valves - Options & Custom Solutions (suffix) ENP Plating “-ENP” • FKM Seals “-V” -ENP Electroless Nickel Plating This option provides a low luster finish on brass parts for decorative purposes that also protects the surface from corrosion and tarnishing. It has a nominal thickness of 5 μ, and does not affect the fit or function of the part. In order to accommodate applications around the globe, also Clippard Control Valves and other product lines are available with imperial ports. Consult factory for availability. This option replaces the standard Nitrile seals with FKM...

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 10

Directional Control Valves – Sub-Miniature Spool Valves M-SMTV/M-SMAV Sub-Miniature Spool Valves 3/2 Toggle and Push Button Valves have 1/16” tube barbs. The push button valve can be used as a Normally-Open or Normally-Closed 3/2. The miniature limit valve is designed to serve as a mechanical stop when the stem is fully depressed. Medium: Air Force For Full Stem Travel: M-SMAV: 0.5 kg M-SMTV: 0.7 kg nominal Input Pressure: 7 bar max. Ports: M 2.5 with 1/16“ ID Hose Barbs Spool Material: Delrin® acetal resin Flow (L/min) • Subminiature size spool design • Multiple colored buttons for M-SMAV...

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 11

Fourcolors of snap-on push buttons included with each valve ersolutions If you need a product that fits your application perfectly, Clippard has the capability to design or modify one of its products to suit your exact needs. We understand that a standard catalog product may be close but not be exactly what you need. Let us know YOUR Need, and we will help to find YOUR Solution! Specials! Clippard has been and still is a pioneer in miniature pneumatics. This cartridge 2/2 valve is small and packs a lot of flow into a very tight package. If you don’t see what you need in this section, just...

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Metric Control Valves Catalog - 12

Force For Full Stem Travel: M-MAV-2, M-MAV-3: 0.7 kg; M-MAVO-2, M-MAVO-3: 0.9 kg; M-MAV-4: 1 kg; M-MAV-4D: 0.35 kg nominal Mounting: M 12x0.75 thread. Nut and lockwashers furnished. Cartridge inserts into a 9.5 H7 bore. Materials: Brass body, Nitrile seals, stainless steel stem and spring M-MAV/M-MAVO Stem Valves 2/2, 3/2 & 5/2 Styles The M-MAV series are M5 ported 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2 valves that change their flow path when the stem is either depressed or released. The 2/2 and 3/2 valves are offered in both Normally-Closed (not passing) or Normally-Open (passing) versions. The 5/2 valves are...

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