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CLA Education Media - 2

CLA offers high standard teaching material in three areas for health education! Media and With their range of selected training charts, particularly in the most practical sizes for class lessons (84 x 195 cm and 84 x 119 cm), and the series of overhead foils and slides CLA offers valuable basic material for teaching theory. Both the wall charts and the Working Transparencies D1 have been developed by the "Federal German Central Office for Health Education, Cologne". CLA offers the complete range of SOMSO anatomical models. These models have been developed according to strict scientific...

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CLA Education Media - 3

Media and teaching aids

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CLA Education Media - 4

Compiled and published by the Federal Ger man Central Office for Health Education, Cologne A detailed explanatory text accompanies every teaching chart. This text first of all gives the anatomical and physiological data. It is accompanied by several pamphlets containing instructions and suggestions for experiments in order to make it easier for the teacher to select and present the material. Teaching charts Teaching Char ts These char ts are useful in general teaching in front of a class and allow prolonged viewing when necessar y. The charts marked with * are no longer mounted on linen but...

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CLA Education Media - 5

1b Skeleton with Ligamentous Apparatus - Dorsal View (84 x 195 cm) 2b Muscles - Rear View * in two layers (84 x 195 cm) Teaching charts 3 Circulation * (84 x 195 cm) 4 Ner vous System * (84 x 195 cm) 5 Inter nal Organs, Torso (84 x 119 cm) 6 The Eye and Vision * (84 x 119 cm) 7 The Ear and Hearing * (84 x 119 cm) 8 Healthy and Decaying Teeth * (84 x 119 cm) 9 The Hear t * (84 x 119 cm) 10 Respirator y Organs * (84 x 119 cm)

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CLA Education Media - 6

Teaching charts 11 Digestive Organs * (84 x 119 cm) 12 Lymphatic Vessels (84 x 119 cm) 13 Head and Throat (119 x 84 cm) 14 Skin and Tongue (119 x 84 cm) 15 Male Pelvic Organs (119 x 84 cm) 16 Female Pelvic Organs * (119 x 84 cm) 17 Chest and Abdominal Organs of Human (119 x 84 cm) 18 Human Chest and Abdominal Cavity and Skeleton with position of internal organs - rear view (119 x 84 cm)

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CLA Education Media - 7

20 Kidneys and Urinar y System * (84 x 119 cm) Teaching charts 22 Cells and Tissues (119 x 84 cm) 23 Development of the Embr yo (84 x 119 cm)

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CLA Education Media - 8

24 Schematic Diagram of the Blood Circulation System * (84 x 119 cm) Teaching charts 25 Brain and Spinal Cord * (84 x 119 cm) 26 Schematic Diagram of Mother and Child's Blood Circulation System * (84 x 119 cm) 27 Autonomic Ner vous System (84 x 119 cm) Experience has shown that discussion of the autonomic nervous system is among the most difficult chapters in the teaching of anthropology. Chart No. 27 is intended to facilitate the treatment of this subject. First of all, it illustrates the extremely fine innervation of the intestines and shows nerve tissues. A panel illustrates...

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CLA Education Media - 9

Teaching charts 7 28 X-Ray Char t of the Skeleton Grashey / Birkner: (90 x 125 cm) Schematic combination diagram in 3/5 of its natural size. Diagnostic sources of error, diversities, anomalies and critical pathological cases. Founded by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Grashey (deceased). By Prof. Dr. Rudolf Birkner, Berlin 1966, 5th extended and revised edition, wall chart on cloth with rods inserted.

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CLA Education Media - 10

Scientific Editor: Dr. med. Olaf v. Bornhaupt Teacher's accompanying text with illustration as folding sheet Compiled and published by the Federal Ger man Central Office for Health Education, Cologne D1 Working Transparencies "Str ucture and Function of the Human Body" D 1 The transparency is becoming more and more important as a teaching tool in our schools today. It is simple to use in conjunction with an overhead projector and offers even those pupils sitting far thest away a good quality picture. With the publication of the D 1 "Construction and function of the human body" transparency...

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CLA Education Media - 11

22. Heart with vessel dispositions for lung and body circulation (semi-diagrammatic) 23. Heart with vessel dispositions for lung and body circulation (diagrammatic) 24. Trachea and lungs with diagrammatic view of heart 25. Digestive tract 26. Villi, cross sectional and plan views 27. Kidney, ureter, bladder with afferent and efferent vessels 28. Bowman's capsule with uriniferous tubule leading from it Function of inter nal organs: 29. Effect of ferments on nutriment 30. Segregation of nutriment by ferments Function of circulation: 31. Diagram of blood circulation and respiration Ner vous...

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CLA Education Media - 12

D10 Transparency 3 D 10 Transparency Atlas "Anatomy and Health Education" Scharf/Jungbauer 80 colour transparencies for daylight projection with infor mation for the teacher and worksheets for classroom instr uction in 2 volumes The following materials are available for use in classroom instr uction: ● 80 colour transparencies for daylight projection (21 cm x 30 cm) with detailed illustrations of organs. ● Also included are worksheets which can be copied for the students and ● information for the teacher with answers to the worksheets, as well as explanations of the individual topics and...

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CLA Education Media - 13

Band 2 Folie 44: Der Kehlkopf Folie 45: Lunge/Bau Folie 46: Lunge/ Bronchialbaum Folie 47: Lunge/Bronchien Folie 48: Lunge/ Lungenentzündung Folie 49: Lunge/Embolie Folie 50: Die Haut Folie 51: Wundheilung Folie 52: Die Krätzmilbe Folie 53: Das Haar Folie 54: Sprödes Haar Folie 55: Fettiges Haar Folie 56: Gehirn/Bau Folie 57: Gehirn/Schlaganfall Folie 58: Gehirn/ Gehirnverletzungen Folie 59: Gehirn/ Hypothalamus Folie 60: Nervensystem/ Nervenzelle Folie 61: Nervensystem/ Rückenmark Folie 62: Vegetatives Nervensystem Folie 63: Die Niere/Bau Folie 64: Nierensteine Folie 65: Hormone/ Hypophyse...

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CLA Education Media - 14

31007 Abdominal Cavity 1. Stomach vascular injection 2. Stomach, vascular injection (section) 3. Intestine vascular injection 4. Liver, vascular injection (micro) 5. Liver with impregnated bileduct (micro) 6. Liver (embedded specimen) Slides Series 31008 Urinar y Organs 1. Kidney, injected 31009 Ventral Her nias 1. Schema Medical Slide Series The Human Body All these slides are in colour and consist of micro-, macroand clinical photographs. Every illustration is accompanied by an educational and scientifically correct text. Anatomy, 9 Series 33 Colour Slides with Text 31001 Skull 1....

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