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CLA Medical Phantoms - 2

CLA offers high standard teaching material in three areas for health education! Media and With their range of selected training charts, particulary in the most practical sizes for class lessons ( 84 x 195 cm and 84 x 119 cm), and the series of overhead foils and slides CLA offers valuable basic material for teaching theory. Both the wall charts and the Working Transparencies D1 have been developed by the ”Federal German Central Office for Health Education, Cologne”. CLA offers the complete range of SOMSO anatomical models. These models have been developed according to strict scientific...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 3

MS 33/E Doll for Baby Care Possible applications of the CLA Child Nursing Dolls MS 33/E-B Doll for Baby Care, but black in colour CLA 6/6 Bladder Phantom for Endoscopy CLA 6/7 Bladder Phantom for Endoscopy MS 57 Newborn Baby, Female CLA 6/8 Different Pathological Changes CLA 20 Nursing Baby MS 57/B Newborn Baby, Female, but black in colour Nursing Dolls CLA 20/A Nursing Baby, Asian PAG E 2 6 MS 58 Newborn Baby, Male CLA 20/B Nursing Baby, but black in colour MS 58/B Newborn Baby, Male, but black in colour CLA 20/1 Nursing Baby, but with aluminium case MS 59 Newborn Baby, Female MS 59 /B...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 4

What you should know about Coburger Lehrmittelanstalt (CLA) and its products Product development The aim of CLA is to make teaching aids available for health education. These teaching aids contribute to the training of nursing personnel and doctors. CLA offers an extensive range of high quality products for this purpose. With the CLA 1 nursing doll, CLA launched its range of life size dolls for training in nursing schools and instruction of first aid personnel. All products are developed exclusively by CLA. All phantoms go through complex stages of development to achieve strict scientific...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 5

CLA nursing dolls and phantoms are designed for normal diagnostic procedures and treatment. The functional sequence for nursing or diagnosis is as realistic as possible to create exacting practical conditions. Our staff can be contacted by phone for advice on CLA models. CLA will ensure that spare parts are always available for dolls and phantoms that have been in use for many years and also, offer a factory repair service for models. By using high quality materials and special production methods CLA can offer a full 2-year guarantee for its products. COB U RGER LE H RM I T T E L ANSTA LT...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 6

The complete range of CLA nursing dolls, care babies and medical phantoms CLA Nursing Dolls Somso Baby Care Somso Care Babies CLA Child Nursing Doll Somso Nursing Babies Somso Newborn Babies CLA Intubation Phantom of New-Born Baby Somso Premature Infant Babies The diversity of CLA products can be seen just by glancing at this page. However, only a few examples of the products in each section are illustrated here, but the full range is featured in this catalogue. CLA Bronchoscopy COB U RGER LE H RM I T T E L ANSTA LT Media for Health Education

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 8

CLA Nursing Doll Adult-Size ■ There is considerable emphasis on producing a life-like, functional model which is easy to maintain and very solid. ■ The training doll has been developed in co-operation with the Federal German Centre for Health Education in Cologne. The result is an ideal, life-like doll for all training applications in nursing and old people´s nursing lessons. ■ The doll is 178 cm long and weighs 21 kg. ■ The joints are robust and they are able to reproduce practically all natural movements. ■ The head and limbs can be removed from the torso by means of simple nut and bolt...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 9

■ All standard injection points (upper arm, buttocks and thighs) are fitted with injection pads. At the ante cubital fossa, special injection pads are fitted, each of which have two imitation veins for infusion and injection training. ■ Openings for inserting a PEG catheter and for suprapubic bladder puncture are provided. ■ The doll is produced in a special plastic using a special manufacturing technique. This gives high water resistance and a surface which is pleasant to touch. ■ Special instructions for use are provided under each application. ■ The CLA Hospital Training Doll has been...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 10

CLA 3 Nursing Doll Basic Nursing Doll in natural size Comprising the following parts: Removable head, removable eyes, dentures and tracheostomy, thorax with chest wall and moving arms without infusion pads, injection pads in the buttocks and thighs, lower extremities (removable lower legs and feet through screw attachment), lower body with abdominal wall and external female genitalia. Length: 178 cm., weight: approx. 20 kg. CLA 1 Nursing Doll Standard Nursing Doll in natural size Comprising the following parts: Removable head, removable eyes, dentures and tracheostomy, thorax with chest...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 11

Design your own CLA Nursing Doll The CLA Nursing Doll is available in three versions (CLA 1, CLA 2 and CLA 3) to meet varying nursing needs. It goes without saying that the basic version (CLA 3) allows you to adapt this model with supplementary parts to suit your personal teaching requirements. Below you will find a summary of all the parts, which can be supplied as spares, complete with catalogue numbers. For more information please see the general price list. Genitalia 431 Nursing Dolls 430-1 Abdominal cavity cover 410 Genitalia 430 Rectum 434 433 Bladder (150 ml) Abdominal cavity cover...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 12

CLA 1/B (ill. page 6) Nursing Doll natural size as CLA 1, but black in colour. Length: 178 cm., weight: approx. 23 kg. Nursing Dolls III. Physical Treatment a) Respiration b) Inhalation, oxygen treatment, resucitation CLA 1+8 (not ill.) Nursing Doll natural size as CLA 1, but with the head of the intubation model CLA 8. Length: 178 cm., weight: approx. 24 kg. Recommended for intubation training is the CLA 8 (see page 27) and CLA 9/7 (see page 28). IV. Injections Infusions Transfusions a) Injections b) Infusions/Transfusions c) Intravenous access V. a) b) c) Rinsing Stomach lavage Bladder...

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CLA Medical Phantoms - 14

Nursing Dolls CLA 23 Child Nursing Doll in natural size. The doll with a length of 90 cm and weighing 6 kg corresponds to a small child approximately 3 years old. This realistic training doll offers the facility for numerous nursing procedures for training paediatric nurses. This doll made of plastic incorporates durable, new style joint mechanisms which permit most natural movements. As a result training and nursing procedures can be carried out in most practical situations. This small child phantom is available as both a female and male model because of the interchangeable breast and...

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