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IKAC atalog

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fluid handling and analysis Expert Product Assistance— Every DayDesians Future IKA® RET Control Digital Stirring Hot Plate Page 11 IKA® Loopster Rotating Shaker Page 20 IKA® T25 Digital ULTRA-TURRAX® High-Speed Homogenizer Page 15

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_ Cole-Parmer: Partnering Quality with Expertise IKA® C 1 Portable Calorimeter A little giant setting new standards for the industry! A high level of automation with extremely small footprint. See page 27 MORE at 1 resource... 100,000 products Plus tools to help you select, purchase, use: Product    Connect directly specifications    for immediate articles for in-depth information How-to videos for helpful instructions t=/J Cole-Parmer fluid handling and analysis Go to for a full list of terms and conditions. For full information on returns, go to...

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Find even more at IK A® RW 20 Digital Dual-Range Mixer No separate components to purchase— complete system is ready to go! - No downtime—maintenance-free motor for continuous duty - Fulfill all your lab mixing needs—two speed ranges for a variety of applications - No need to move mixer head to reposition propeller—through-shaft design for easy adjustment - No difficult controls—easy-to-use knob and LED display for accurate setting Use this versatile, affordable mixer for liquid volumes up to 5 gallons (18.9 liters) and viscosities up to 10,000 cps (approximately the viscosity of...

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Free Tech Support! Mixers IKA® EUROSTAR 20 & EUROSTAR 40 Digital Mixers No maintenance required - Simple, reliable—volumes up to 6.6 gallons (25 liters) and viscosities up to 30,000 cps - Stirring speeds up to 2000 rpm are automatically maintained as viscosity changes These mixers feature a through-shaft design that permits adjustment of shaft length and impeller depth—allowing you to place or remove mixing vessels without repositioning the mixer. The motor and drive unit are conveniently integrated into a compact aluminum and thermoplastic housing with easy-to-use controls and a clear LED...

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W Ultra-clear, high-contrast TFT LCD controller screen displays all process parameters k RS-232 and USB interfaces for easy documentation of processes and firmware updates DETACHABLE WIRELESS CONTROLLER—lets you monitor and control all functions remotely Find even more at Control and monitor mixer wirelessly - Torque trend function measures viscosity changes - Integrated temperature measurement lets you monitor fluid temperature These powerful and advanced mixers handle volumes up to 26.4 gallons (100 liters) and viscosities up to 150,000 cps. Unique features include a removable wireless...

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Free Tech Support! IKA® EUROSTAR Digital Constant-Speed Mixers Handle volumes up to 26.4 gallons (100 liters) - Mixers maintain set speed even as fluid viscosity changes - Dual-range EUROSTAR 200 digital handles viscosities up to 100,000 cps These mixers feature a through-shaft design that permits adjustment of shaft length and impeller depth—allowing you to place or remove mixing vessels without repositioning the mixer. The motor and drive unit are conveniently integrated into a compact aluminum and thermoplastic housing with easy-to-use controls and a clear LED display of rpm. Mixers...

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Find even more at IK A® RW 28 Digital Pilot-Process Mixer Tackle large batch mixing with ease - Two selectable speed ranges for high viscosity or high-speed mixing - Through-shaft design allows you to easily raise or lower the shaft and impeller This mixer features a through-shaft design that permits adjustment of shaft length and impeller depth—allowing you to place or remove mixing vessels without repositioning the mixer. Easy-to-use controls and a clear LED display of rpm enable you to precisely control and repeat your process parameters. Mixer features infinitely adjustable stepless...

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Free Tech Support! IKA® Mixer Accessories Get the most out of your IKA mixer! A-H. Propellers and Stirrers    w- A. Four-Blade Propellers draw the material to be mixed from the top to the bottom. Create local shearing forces and axial flow in the vessel. Use at medium to high speeds. B-C. Three-Blade Propellers draw material to be mixed from the top and the bottom while creating minimum shearing forces. Use at medium to high speed. D. Turbine Propellers are used for drawing the material to be mixed from above while generating axial flow within the vessel. Minimum danger of injury when...

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Find even more at IKA® Ultra-Flat Lab Disc Stirrer Get more thorough mixing –– et up to reverse rotation direction every 30 seconds S for better mixing ––Intrinsically safe –– o moving parts, making the drive wear-free N There’s More at What's included: 51⁄2 -ft (1.7-m) power cord and adapters to work with US, EU, Canada, Australia, and UK outlets. 60 Speed range Material Polyester Catalog number Find more than 100,000 products to choose from! IKA® Digital Color Squid and Big Squid Stirrers Electronically controlled motor for higher capacity stirring ––Compact and accurate...

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Free Tech Support! IK A® Topolino Mobil Magnetic Stirrer Take it where you need it—battery lasts up to 12 hours - Mix samples up to 250 mL - Durable brushless motor has high magnetic adhesion - Included power adapter charges batteries and operates stirrer at the same time - Charges in less than 3 hours What's included: four AA rechargeable batteries and plug-in power supply. Speed Max stirring range capacity IK A® RCT basic Digital Stirring Hot Plate Synthesis Packages Perform multiple synthesis operations with a single stirrer - Packages contain all necessary components including the...

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