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The Coltène/Whaledent dental group is active throughout the world in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality dental products. With manufacturing based in Europe and the USA and a global network of agencies and competent trading partners, we provide superior dental solutions. Coltène/Whaledent Dental Group Our modern AFFINIS production Headquarters – Altstätten,

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Page 6-7 The challenge of taking a perfect impression Page 8-15 Advantages and solutions Page 16-22 Techniques with AFFINIS' Page 23-25 Material consistencies that meet your needs Page 29 Trays and adhesives Page 30 Bite registration Page 31-33 Clinical report

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ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF AFFINIS® IMPRESSION MATERIALS AT A GLANCE: 1:0 Excellent flow properties in a moist environment 2:0 Ideal working time, optimal intraoral setting time 3:0 Excellent readability 4:0 Minimizes the risk of air entrapments and marginal distortions 5:0 98.4% perfect reproduction of the marginal contours 6:0 First-ever autoclavable impressions 7:0 Maximum precision during model fabrication

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THE CHALLENGE OF TAKING A PERFECT IMPRESSION Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated that up to 90%* of impressions are inaccurate. The key reasons behind many inaccurate impressions is due to poor surface affinity and inadequate flowability of an impression material onto moist tooth structure. These issues can cause air entrapments that can consequently lead to trapped air voids and distortions, which result in time-consuming remakes of the impression. *Statement from the videotape “The Perfect Impression” by Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD. Illustration of a material that...

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Surface affinity on moist dentin Competitors’ products Defined amount of freshly mixed impression material on moist dentin – 10 seconds after application (internal data). This practical test shows impression material applied to a moist dentin surface. The result: Any impression material with missing surface affinity may lead to air entrapments and voids. This can result in cavities, defective points, margin distortions or distortions in the impression. The consequences are inaccuracies in dental restorations.

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1:0 Excellent flow properties in a moist environment 98.4% perfect reproduction of marginal contours* thanks to the optimal affinity of AFFINIS In general, the addition of surface-activated substances with conventional impression materials not only improves the wetting properties, but also restricts the flow. The material has a tendency to trap air voids. In contrast, AFFINIS provides ideal flow properties (self-contouring consistency) due to the structure-breaking properties of its active surfactant agent. The mixed material also delivers excellent stability and does not drip from the...

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AFFINIS®: Excellent wettability on moist tooth surfaces Affinity of the applied AFFINIS light body The self-contouring consistency and the highly active surfactant agent produces an innovative affinity to the moist tooth structure (internal photo).

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AFFINIS®: Optimal results with an ideal working time 2:0 Ideal working time, optimal intraoral setting time Optimized setting properties Thanks to the AFFINIS Snapset, AFFINIS materials offer variable application times up to one minute as well as a short intraoral setting time of ≥ 2 minutes (MonoBody ≥ 2 minutes 30 seconds). Its generous amount of working time ensures for stress-free intraoral application of the material. Once the impression tray is seated, the setting process is accelerated due to its thermoactive formula. Its short intraoral reaction phase saves time and comforts the...

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Gold and silver pigmentation ensures outstanding readability AFFINIS PRECIOUS features outstanding readability of the details. Its unique silver and gold pigmentation significantly reduces light diffusion and improves the visual perception of details. The quality of the impression can be easily and reliably checked thanks to its outstanding readability. AFFINIS PRECIOUS light body AFFINIS PRECIOUS regular body AFFINIS®PRECIOUS: The highest standard in impression taking 11

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4:0 Minimizes the risk of air entrapment and marginal distortions AFFINIS light body wash materials wet the tooth and gingiva extremely fast and effectively. Its distinct surface affinity and flowability virtually eliminates the risk of air voids and distortions. Competitor Air voids and distortions due to poor affinity during the working time. The difference – no air voids AFFINIS regular body with AFFINIS heavy body. AFFINIS PRECIOUS regular body with AFFINIS heavy body. (internal Data) Air voids and distortions are reduced to a minimum with AFFINIS®

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5:0 98,4% perfect reproduction of marginal contours Significant advancements for A-silicones The introduction of AFFINIS with its innovative surface affinity and optimal flow properties is an Important development towards the enhancement of A-silicone impression materials. With the proper preparation, tissue management and clean margins, these properties will deliver perfect impressions of the marginal contours and prepared teeth in virtually 100 % of the cases. Clinical results from the University of Innsbruck (Austria) Clinical tests at the University of Innsbruck confirmed the high...

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6:0 First-ever autoclavable impressions First-ever autoclavable impressions All AFFINIS and AFFINIS PRECIOUS impressions can be autoclaved at 134°C without losing its unique properties. The innovative autoclavable AFFINIS impression materials, impression trays and special adhesive system provides a new perspective on prevention. AFFINIS impressions – not only clean, but also sterile. Complex computer tomographic and clinical measurements as well as comparisons confirm the excellent dimensional stability of the optimized AFFINIS impression material, even after autoclaving. A current study by...

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Highly active surfactants deliver maximum precision and efficiency 7:0 Maximum precision during model fabrication More accurate models AFFINIS distinguishes itself by its quick and exceptional wettability of the model stone in the impression. The reason for this is due to its highly active surfactant agent. This feature is crucial for dental technicians when pouring the stone model. Precision when fabricating the model Contact angle of a drop of water after placing it on cured light body impression material after 10 seconds (internal data). AFFINIS®PRECIOUS lb AFFINIS was developed to...

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