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COLTENE Endodontics GLOBAL COMPETENCE FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS By introducing the highly innovative HyFlex CM Niti-Files in 2010, COLTENE has set new benchmarks for breakage resistance and flexibility. The innovative material ensures perfect root canal adaptation with bending properties similar to stainless steel files. The controlled memory effect allows files to regain their original shape simply by autoclaving after the treatment. The new technology attracted intense scientific interest resulting in numerous publications on the excellent properties of HyFlex CM. The CanalPro family is...

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COLTENE Group COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small-size equipment for dental treatment applications. The Dental Group offers a wide range of products, encompassing six segments - solutions for almost all dental treatments. The complete endodontology programme includes root canal preparation with files and rinsing solutions, obturation and post systems. The next extensive range is centred entirely on restorative filling therapy. This particularly includes temporary and permanent filling materials, as well as adhesive systems and...

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o Production facilities Switzerland: Coltene/Whaledent AG, Headquarter in Altstatten. Development and production of chemical dental consumables and rotary instruments. Germany: Coltene/Whaledent GmbH + Co. KG in Langenau. Development and production of treatment auxiliaries and endodontic products. USA: Coltene/Whaledent Inc. in Cuyahoga Falls. Production of mechanical-technical dental products and orthodontics. Brazil: Vigodent SA Industria e Comercio in Rio de Janeiro. Production of chemical dental consumables. 0 TREATMENT AUXILIARIES 1955 Luna 1964 Parotisroll 1970 Cotton Pellets 1972...

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Definite restoration Infection control Temporary restoration Working length measurement Irrigation Canal preparation

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Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is a critical step in endodontic treatment. In addition to reviewing the patient’s chief complaint, medical history, dental history, and history of symptoms, objective findings must be collected and radiographs must be reviewed in order to make a definitive diagnosis. Percussion Test Icing the Pellet with Endo-Frost Cold testing with Endo-Frost The normal response of nerve fibers can be tested by stimulating the nerve endings of the pulp with a cold spray. As a result of this test, the vitality (existing blood flow) of the tooth can be verified. It’s...

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Cold spray, 200 ml Temperature -50 °C Spray nozzle for precise application For freezing pellets and dental rolls Odorless Endo-Frost Cold spray, 200 ml ROEKO Endo-Frost Pellets Are cooled to test the vitality of the tooth Can be used with Solomat dispensers Endo-Frost Pellets Approx. 4 × 4

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Infection control

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Step 2 Infection control Successful root canal therapy must begin with proper infection control. The Dental Dam is used in dentistry to isolate teeth during dental procedures. Treatment quality significantly increases with the use of the Dental Dam during root canal preparation, changing of medicaments, and obturation because the dental dam allows for an aseptic working environment and retracts the cheek and tongue to allow for optimal viewing. Protecting the mucosa from injury and chemical burns and preventing aspiration of irrigants and instruments, the Dental Dam also ensures that the...

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Infection control Step 2

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Step 2 Infection control Hygenic® Framed Flexi Dam non latex Convenient built-in-frame - saves time Highly elastic Flexi Dam material - tear resistant and easy placement Latex free - allergy free Odourless - patient conform Size 100 × 105 mm, medium, 20 pcs Purple H00750 Hygenic® Flexi Dam® non latex Low modulus of elasticity Individual sheets without powder Extra strength and flexible Odourless Latex free Size 152 × 152 mm (6“ × 6“), medium, 30 pcs Purple Hygenic® Dental Dam non latex ■■ ■■ 100 % latex free, Powderfree Similar tear resistance to natural rubber dam Standard size Size 152 ×...

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Infection control Step 2 Hygenic® Fiesta® Dental Dam (latex) ■ Natural rubber latex ■ Assorted purple, blue and pink sheets

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Step 2 Infection control ROEKO Elasti-Dam powder free* ■ Latex ■ More tear resistant than standard latex dam ■ Powder free ■ Controlled low level of protein allows for less exposure to allergenic particles and reduced risk for development of latex allergy Standard Size 36 sheets Children Size Medium Blue Heavy Blue * acc. to EN 455-3 < 5 mg/sheet 1) up to 44 % more elastic, acc. to internal tests

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Infection control Step 2 Dental Dam Set Punch Type Ainsworth 1 pc Clamp forceps Type Ivory 1 pc Flexi Dam non latex with template 30 pcs Hygenic® Dental Dam Kits Complete Kits with punch and forceps

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Hygenic Complete Kit with Brinker Clamps H09715 5" x 5" (127 x 127 mm) Dam - green medium; 52 sheets ; 5" (127 mm) Plastic frame (H01416); Brinker universal clamp set; 5" Template; Latex Wedjets cord (small); Dental dam punch; Dental dam forceps; Non-latex Wedjets Stabilizer Cord; Instructional CD (in English) Hygenic® Wedjets® Stabilizing Cord ■ Latex-available in 3 sizes ■ Eliminates need for use of a rubber dam■ Non-latex-available in 2 sizes clamp■ Alternative to conventional clamp method of securing dental dam Wedjets Stabilizing Cord

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Infection control Step 2 Hygenic® Dental Dam Frame ■ Autoclavable ■ U-shaped frame made of high quality ■ Can be sterilized in autoclave or dry heat chrome nickel steel sterilizer ■ Prongs along its length hold Dental Dam secure Metal frame ■ Durable plastic ■ Aids with proper placement on the Dental Dam ROEKO Metal frame ROEKO Plastic frame, foldable ■ Radiolucent and oval in shape ■ Autoclavable up to 134°C ■ Can be folded to allow for taking xrays and aspiration of saliva Plastic frame, foldable

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Step 2 Infection control ROEKO Clamp Forceps ■ Can be sterilized in the autoclave or dry ■ High quality heat sterilizer ■ Easy to handle ■ Allow for secure placement of clamp to the tooth Clamp Forceps ■ Can be sterilized in the autoclave or dry ■ Easy to handle heat sterilizer ■ High quality ■ 8 hole size options Hygenic® Dental Dam Forceps Dental Dam Forceps ■ Prevent direct contact of dental dam ■ Allow for maximal absorption of saliva, with sensitive skin water and prespiration ■ Soft, non-woven fabric

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