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HyFlex™ EDM Electrical Discharge Machining SEQUENCE STEP BY STEP The new HyFlex EDM files constitute the 5th generation root canal files. HyFlex EDM NiTi files have completely new properties due to their innovative manufacturing process using electric discharge machining. Workpieces are machined in the EDM manufacturing process by generating a potential between the workpiece and the tool. The sparks generated in this process cause the surface of the material to melt and evaporate. This creates the unique surface of the new Niti files and makes the HyFlex EDM files stronger and more fracture...

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HyFlex™ - 3

´´ High flexibility ´´ Extreme resistance to fracture ´´ Centred canal preparation HyFlex files are manufactured utilising a unique process in which the crystallographic phase transitions from austenite to martensite at room temperature in contrast to conventional NiTi files, making the files extremely flexible and fracture resistant. 4000 Due to the controlled memory, the files always follow the anatomy of the canal, thus significantly reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation of a canal. Like stainless steel files, the HyFlex files can be pre-bent. This is a crucial...

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HyFlex™ - 4

Optional Access Opening Optional Finishing HyFlex™ EDM Reduced Number of Files Depending on the clinical situation, use of HyFlex EDM files reduces the number of files to 2-3 pieces particularly in straight and larger canals. All HyFlex EDM NiTi Files can be used at 400 rpm and at a torque of up to 2.5 Ncm (25 mNm) excepted the Glidepath files which can be used with 300 rpm and at a torque of up to 1.8 Ncm (18 mNm). CORONAL MIDDLE APICAL 25/.12 Orifice Opener Hand File Hand File CORONAL MIDDLE APICAL 20/.05 HyFlex EDM Single Length Technique The single length technique, in which all files...

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HyFlex™ - 5

HyFlex™ GPF Glide Path File The HyFlex GPF ensure optimal shaping of the glide path due to the controlled memory. They are characterized by good durability and resistance to fracture. Despite the extreme flexibility that allows the files to follow unusual anatomies, the HyFlex Glide Path Files are very easy to use and ensure safe treatment. HyFlex™ The HyFlex CM Introkit Compact is an optimal choice for starting a successful endodontic treatment. In this compact set, the reliable HyFlex CM Sequence is arranged for using the single length technique together with space-saving storage and...

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HyFlex™ - 6

HyFlex' NiTi Files & Accessories PRESTERILIZED Coltene/Whaledent AG Feldwiesenstrasse 20 9450 Altstatten/Switzerland T +41 71 757 53 00 F +41 71 757 53 01 info.ch@coltene.com Coltene/Whaledent GmbH + Co. KG RaiffeisenstraGe 30 89129 Langenau/Germany T +49 7345 805 0 F +49 7345 805 201 info.de@coltene.com Coltene/Whaledent Ltd. The President Suite Kendal House, Victoria Way Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NF/UK T +44 1444 235486 F +44 1444 870640 info.uk@coltene.com © COLTENE - www.coltene.com ^COLTENE HyFlex GPF Sequence Content 25 mm HyFlex CM NiTi File Refills, 6 pcs HyFlex CM NiTi File...

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