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WHAT DO YOU CALL A CONVICTION THAT EVERYTHING CAN ALWAYS BE A LITTLE BETTER, ASIER AND MORE E RELIABLE? WE CALL IT Upgrade Dentistry With expertise and enthusiasm, COLTENE turned this claim into reality. We know exactly our end customers needs and want and work tirelessly to provide them with innovative and smart solutions. This is not an empty promise, it is our mission. Upgrading Dentistry makes dental treatments more effective, safe and economical for dental professionals and patients. Better Quality. Better Reliability. Better Practise.

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INDICATION PRODUCTTYPE RETRACTION PREPARATION WITH CORDS Retraction Cords Accessories PREPARATION WITH SILICONE Silicone foam Accessories FIELD OF APPLICATION PROPERTIES PRODUCT NAME Air-jet textured ROEKO Comprecord Braided / twisted, impregnated / not impregnated ROEKO Retracto Twisted with malleable, fine wire-core, not impregnated ROEKO Stay-put For placement of retraction cords Retraction Cord Packer Expanding and addition-curing silicone foam, time-saving, Mag 10 Standard compression caps, to stop bleeding and to dry tooth ROEKO Comprecap Anatomically shaped compression caps, to stop...

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INDICATION PRODUCTTYPE Tray material FIELD OF APPLICATION PROPERTIES PRODUCT NAME 2S 1S MP FUI FI Premium putty from 380 ml cartridge, smooth • • ° ° ° AFFINIS putty consistency with high final hardness, autocla-vable Smooth consistency from the pot with • • ° ° o AFFINIS putty soft / fast medium final hardness, autoclavable Especially smooth consistency from the pot • • ° ° ° AFFINIS putty super soft with medium final hardness, autoclavable Viscous consistency from the cartridge with ° • ° • • AFFINIS heavy body / fast medium final hardness, innovative surface affinity, autoclavable...

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Prosthetics Contents INDICATION PRODUCT TYPE FIELD OF APPLICATION PROPERTIES PRODUCT NAME PRESSURE-SPOT IDENTIFICATION C-SILICONE Ideal material based on polysiloxane for simple and reliable identification of pressure spots Pressure Spot Indicator – PSI Scannable gingiva mask from the automix cartridge for digital registration of the gingival contours A-Silicone gingival mask from the Automix cartridge for precise registration of the gingival contours, natural and aesthetic colouring GI-MASK Automix New Formula C-Silicone gingival mask, Handmix Silicone putty with high final hardness, for...

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Gingiva Retraction Impregnation Retraction Cords Prosthetics

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Prosthetics Retraction Cord ROEKO Comprecord / Retracto / Stay-put ROEKO Comprecord Comprecord is an air texturized retraction cord with a stable structure and a great total volu me which makes Comprecord highly absorbent. The cord has a pliable structure that allows Comprecord to adapt easily to the sulcus without fraying and shedding fibers. Advantages of Comprecord: pliable structure outstanding absorbency easy to place in the sulcus does not fray and shed fibers color coded for easy distinction of sizes ROEKO Retracto Braided ROEKO Retraction Cord Packer Retraction Cord Packer

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ROEKO Gingiva Liquid ROEKO Comprecap compression caps stop bleeding naturally - by compression and control moisture. The use is simple and supports impression preparation regardless of the retraction technique. Comprecap anatomic Are anatomically formed compression caps with semicircled shaped spaces on two opposite sides and can therefore be easily placed on adjacent teeth. An astringent, styptic solution with 10 % aluminium chloride hexahydrate. No cardiovascular problems as it does not contain Epinephrine. For treatment of the gingiva before taking an impression and to impregnate...

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Prosthetics Gingiva Retraction Magic FoamCord Magic FoamCord® Magic FoamCord is the first expanding PVS material designed for easy and fast retraction of the sulcus without the potentially traumatic and time consuming packing of retraction cord. Magic FoamCord Intro Kit Comprecap anatomic Oral Tips Yellow Magic FoamCord Refill System 50 Accessories Universal Mixing Tip Oral Tips Yellow Magic FoamCord had been developed in a free partnership with Prof. DDr. Dumfahrt and is the first expanding PVS material designed for easy and fast retraction of the sulcus without the potentially traumatic...

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Magic FoamCord® Gingiva retraction without cords! Benefits ʯʯ Non-traumatic method of temporary gingival retraction ʯʯ Easy and fast application directly to the sulcus without pressure or packing ʯʯ Comfortable to the patient ʯʯ No haemostatic chemicals to contaminate the impression site – no need for extensive rinsing ʯʯ Outstanding retraction for perfect impressions

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Impression A-Silicone Prosthetics

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AFFINIS The innovative surface affinity and optimised flow properties of AFFINIS ensure perfect impressions. The premium A-Silicone excels by virtue of fast wetting of the tooth and gingiva. PRESIDENT® The Original The introduction of PRESIDENT in 1975 – the first A-Silicone in the market – is considered a milestone in the development of high-precision dental impression materials. With the use of polyvinylsiloxane (PVS) elastomers for the first time PRESIDENT users reached an unprecedented dimensional stability and precision, which today still characterizes an A-Silicone. The PRESIDENT...

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Prosthetics Impression A-Silicone Brief description AFFINIS WASH TRAY light body light body fast PRECIOUS light body regular body regular body fast PRECIOUS regular body MonoBody heavy body heavy body fast putty soft putty super soft putty soft fast putty System 360 Premium A-Silicone: top quality Universal product range: putty, tray, 6 x wash Dosage form in cartridges: 25 ml, 50 ml , 75 ml, 380 ml Unique consistencies: AFFINIS PRECIOUS, BLACK EDITION Optimal flow properties: top precision Top dimensional stability: fitting accuracy Automix: simple handling Autoclavable: protection against...

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PERFECT IMPRESSIONS WITH LOVE FOR DETAILS AFFINIS® BLACK EDITION The black tray material AFFINIS heavy body BLACK EDITION reaches with gold or silver coloured AFFINIS PRECIOUS excellent readability of the impression. The unique colour combination displays details even more precisely and supports the qualitative assessment of the impression result. Visible precision with love for details.

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