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Restauration - 3

COLTENE Restoration INNOVATIONS FOR RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY COLTENE pioneered the development of white tooth fillings to replace amalgam filling materials which were the standard in early days. As early as 1983, the micro-hybrid composite BRILLIANT was introduced, which is now an integral part of restorative dentistry. Collaboration with leading universities and opinion leaders is an important success factor, which has repeatedly led to groundbreaking new developments. This is how the BRILLIANT-Esthetic Line filling concept enabled intraoral as well as extraoral restoration thanks to a...

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Restauration - 4

COLTENE Group COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small-size equipment for dental treatment applications. The Dental Group offers a wide range of products, encompassing six segments - solutions for almost all dental treatments. The complete endodontology programme includes root canal preparation with files and rinsing solutions, obturation and post systems. The next extensive range is centred entirely on restorative filling therapy. This particularly includes temporary and permanent filling materials, as well as adhesive systems and...

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Restauration - 5

o Production facilities Switzerland: Coltene/Whaledent AG, Headquarter in Altstatten. Development and production of chemical dental consumables and rotary instruments. Germany: Coltene/Whaledent GmbH + Co. KG in Langenau. Development and production of treatment auxiliaries and endodontic products. USA: Coltene/Whaledent Inc. in Cuyahoga Falls. Production of mechanical-technical dental products and orthodontics. Brazil: Vigodent SA Industria e Comercio in Rio de Janeiro. Production of chemical dental consumables. 0 TREATMENT AUXILIARIES 1955 Luna 1964 Parotisroll 1970 Cotton Pellets 1972...

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Restauration - 6

INDICATION PRODUCTTYPE ETCHING Etching gel BONDING Light-curing bond FIELD OF APPLICATION PROPERTIES PRODUCT NAME Chemically curing bond FILLING MATERIALS Light-curing composites One-component enamel adhesive Classical dentine enamel bond Self-Etching Bond Total-Etch dentine enamel bond Self-Etching one component adhesive Universal Bond Self-conditioning adhesive system Margin Bond A.R.T. Bond One Coat Self-Etching Bond One Coat Bond One Coat 7.0 ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL ParaBond Dual-curing composite Accessories Matrix bands Auxiliary material Effect shades Grinding and polishing Aesthetic...

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Restauration - 7

Contents Restoration INDICATION FIELD OF APPLICATION PRODUCT TYPE PROPERTIES PRODUCT NAME Light polymerisation High performance curing light S.P.E.C. 3 TEMPORARY RESTORATIONCrowns & Bridges Cavities For the fabrication of temporary crowns and Cool Temp NATURAL bridges A-silicone for temporary TempoSIL 2 cementation Dual-curing temporary filling DuoTEMP material Chemically curing filling material Coltosol F Accessories For easy removal of temporaries Intraoral Separator Front tooth veneers Accessories COMPOSITE ENAMEL SHELLS Nano-hybrid composite enamel shells...

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Restauration - 8

Etching & Bonding^ Restoration

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Restauration - 9

Restoration Etching & Bonding LIGHT CURING ADHESIVE SYSTEMS SELECTIVE-ETCH Margin Bond 1st generation Enamel is etched 3rd generation Enamel is etched Dentine is self-conditioned TOTAL-ETCH One Coat Bond 5th generation Enamel is etched Dentine is etched SELF-ETCH One Coat Self-Etching Bond 6th generation Enamel is self-conditioned Dentine is self-conditioned 7th generation Enamel is self-conditioned Dentine is self-conditioned UNIVERSAL ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL Enamel is self-conditioned Dentine is self-conditioned Enamel is etched with Etchant Gel or Non-Rinse Conditioner Dentine is...

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Restauration - 10

Restoration Etching & Bonding Etchant Gel S Margin Bond A.R.T. Bond One Coat Self-Etching Bond 35 % phosphoric acid etching gel with precise placement for use on enamel and dentine. Brushes yellow

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Restauration - 11

One Coat Bond One Coat 7.0 ParaBond® ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL Etching & Bonding Restoration One Coat Bond Total-Etch light curing dentin/enamel bonding system for universal indications, easy application due to non-drip gel consistency, solvent-free, prevents postoperative sensitivity. One Coat Bond Intro Kit 60011757 (35 % phosphoric acid) Brushes black 50 pcs One Coat Bond Refill 1.2 ml 7879

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Restauration - 12

Restoration Filling Materials

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Restauration - 13

Restoration Filling Materials Highly aesthetic composite system based on the innovative Natural Layering Technique, matched to young, adult or older patients. The Shade Guide allows the dentist intuitive shade selection and guarantees unrivalled aesthetics. Universal composite using the intelligent Duo Shade System which applies for 6 of the dentine shades. The optical self-blend properties of SYNERGY D6 allow a broad indication spectrum to be covered with just a few shades. 8 dentine, 5 enamel and 4 effect shades 8 dentine and 2 enamel shades. Duo Shade / VITA™-based BRILLIANT EverGlow®...

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Restauration - 14

Artificial reality

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Restauration - 15

Filling Materials Restoration Artificial reality MIRIS2 takes you to another level of the ideal creation of 'artificial reality'. The unique shade system of MIRIS2 is based on the natural layering concept and works with dentin and enamel masses whose optical properties are comparable with those of the original tissue. For this purpose, the shades and translucency of natural teeth in adolescent, adult and elderly patients were measured and emulated. The composite-based MIRIS2 shade guide is separated into dentin core and enamel shells that can be freely interposed with one another to achieve...

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Restauration - 16

Enamel Shade - Tips (0.25 g) 10 pcs 20 pcs White Regular (WR) 8479 8493

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Restauration - 17

BRILLIANT EverGlow® BRILLIANT EverGlow Filling Materials Restoration Long-lasting brilliance BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal composite of the latest generation and a true all-round material. It has been developed with special focus on long-lasting aesthetics and handling convenience. The shade assortment comprises shades in three opacities: 3 opaque masking shades, 7 universal Duo Shades suitable for single-shade restorations and 2 translucent shades for optional enamel imitation. Meeting highest requirements for "brilliant" anterior and posterior restorations, it is the ideal modern...

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